Watch This Reporter Fail Hard On A High-Five

There’s something about watching people wipe out that brings out our inner child and tickles our funny bones. This news reporter was a little nervous when attempting to snowboard, but he gave it a shot and went for a high-five. Not only was this a pretty blatant high-five fail, it also landed the reporter on the ground. Hilarious. Do give it a watch, below.

Fox 13 Good Day Utah Reporter Big Buddha was sent out to the slopes earlier this week to try his hand at various types of winter sports at Brighton Resort in Utah. He mentions being on skis earlier in the video, but this time around, he tries his hand at the snowboarding in the Salt Lake City area. His co-workers joke that he’s going to end up on his butt since it is his first time doing winter sports, and the jovial reporter doesn’t disagree. He actually does pretty well, making it down the small slope with very few problems. But it’s when the guy standing next to him goes for the high-five that all hell breaks lose. Not only does Big Buddha whiff on the high-five, he totally loses his balance and falls to the ground. It’s worth a watch on repeat:


Obviously, snowboarding is a pretty difficult task. This was Big Buddha’s first big, live, on-the-air attempt and he’s totally fine, even when he does fall on his ass. I love how his co-workers at the news station totally lose it when he misses the high-five and falls down, teasing him mercilessly as he lays sprawled out in the snow. This is why the local news is the best.

It’s not as if Big Buddha hit the slopes without a lesson or two. Here’s him practicing at Brighton Resort before the big newscast:

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Last year was a pretty great year for viral news clips, between the man who heroically saved his rack of ribs and that CNN journalist who thought dildos related to ISIS. You can watch all the best news bloopers from 2015, here. Or just keep hoping 2016 in news rocks out just as hard. We’ll be here every step of the way.

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