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Watch Ryan Gosling Spit On A Baby In Saturday Night Live's Newest Promo

With Saturday Night Live now airing Season 41, hosts really need to do something to set themselves apart to draw an audience for their episodes. Upcoming host Ryan Gosling joined current cast member Aidy Bryant to banter his way into the hearts of viewers. The banter took an unexpected twist when Gosling playfully spit over a balcony… and onto a baby. Check it out!

It would be easy to blame Ryan Gosling for spitting on a baby, but really, who hasn’t done something stupid when it comes to referencing Titanic? Singing Celine Dion, yelling at Kate Winslet for letting Leonardo DiCaprio die, spitting on babies… really, it’s all part of the post-Titanic experience.

Of course, by the looks of things, Aidy Bryant would have been willing to act out a few different scenes from Titanic with Ryan Gosling, but old-timey cars in cargo holds are probably in short supply in Studio 8H. Still, it’s pretty safe to say that she would share her flotation device if she and Gosling were slowly freezing to death in the middle of the Atlantic.

Aidy Bryant being a bit twitterpated by Ryan Gosling is perfectly understandable, but the promo indicates that Gosling will be more than just a pretty face and set of pecs during his hosting stint on Saturday Night Live. Cue cards for the first gag aside, there was a distinct air of improvisation to his antics with Aidy Bryant that should make him a fantastic fit for the show. The December 5 appearance will be Gosling’s hosting debut, and there’s no reason to worry that he won’t be able to bring the funny along with the smolder.

This hilarious promo may be exactly what Ryan Gosling and SNL needed to stir excitement for his episode. Gosling is best known for his roles as leading man in romance and/or action films. It’s not difficult to imagine that he could be written off as stunt casting instead of an actor with genuine comedic chops. There’s nothing like a performer willing to poke fun at himself, and Gosling playing along with Aidy Bryant’s romcom tangent for most of the promo before the grand finale of spitting on a baby is proof enough that he doesn’t take himself too seriously to be seriously funny.

Of course, SNL isn’t exactly in dire straits of attracting big names for hosting duties. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump drew great ratings and plenty of media coverage when he came on as host in November, and news that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be returning to their SNL roots to co-host later in December already has audiences excited. Hopefully, Ryan Gosling will be as memorable a host as he is as the man who spat on a baby in his promo.

Ryan Gosling’s episode of Saturday Night Live will air at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC on December 5 with Leon Bridges as musical guest.

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