Watch Seth Meyers And Billy Eichner Scream At Strangers In This Hilarious Emmy Sketch

Take a second away from watching Modern Family and Big Bang Theory trying to sweep this year’s Emmy Awards to watch comedian Billy Eichner (Parks and Recreation) and Emmy host Seth Meyers putting on a special edition of the always uproarious Billy on the Street. Have you ever wanted to see people get marginally excited about Meyers' presence while getting arbitrarily yelled at? It's Emmy sketch gold!

Above is an extended cut of the segment seen on tonight's Emmy Awards (via Funny or Die.) In it, we get to see more of Eichner's over-exaggerated comedic style, as he asks random people on the street to identify this year's awards host. Not a lot of people can get it right offhand, non-surprisingly, even when Meyers is put into the spotlight. The one guy who guesses "Seth MacFarlane" probably deserves his own Emmy.

Eichner tries out his "game show" For a Dollar, where he asks people about who their favorite late night hosts are, or to recognize what an Emmy award actually is. (The one woman guesses that it's a Goldblfffhm.) Honestly, these are funniest when no one has any idea what is happening, which happens often enough, particularly when Eichner just dashes up to people and hollers that Tatiana Maslany was snubbed. For the record, I am now mortal enemies with anyone who says they don't care that Maslany's stellar work in Orphan Black wasn't recognized. I'm not at all certain that the elderly man exclaiming a lack of care is even aware that BBC America is a network, much less the programming that airs on it. But still. Mortal. Enemy.

Other highlights include Eichner mis-identifying a straight woman as a lesbian, people not understanding the phrase "Dinklage vs. Patinkin," and the woman at the end of the video who hesitantly (but casually) walks backwards as she's being asked to name any nominee.

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Nick Venable
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