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Billy On The Street Season 2 Premiere: Watch It Online And See Guest Star Rashida Jones

If you're ever in New York and some guy comes running up to you with a microphone and asks you some pop-culture related question in a way that makes you think the fate of the world depends on it, that might be Billy Eichner, the comedian often featured on Funny or Die and star of Fuse' Billy on the Street. If he gets annoyed with your response, there's an even better chance it's him. He has no patience for the wrong answers. The series, which focuses on Eichner's man on the street interviews, premieres its second season tonight. You can watch a preview that includes a glimpse of his guest star Rashida Jones and then watch the rest tonight when it airs on Fuse, or you can watch the full episode online right now!

Here's the preview (via EW), which has Eichner running around New York City with the Parks and Recreation star asking people if they prefer Rashida Jones or Rihanna.

And here's the full episode, which Fuse posted online early and shows the full Rashida Jones segment, which involves a lot of questions about Oprah.

New York!

I think "boring or dead" is my favorite segment. It's sort of exhausting watching him, but I find his quick reactions and temper hilarious. The same applied to the interviews he did for Conan at last year's Super Bowl. Watch that video here.

Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner Season 2 premieres tonight (December 7) at 10/9c on Fuse.