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The Walking Dead has become a behemoth of a show over the past six years as more and more of us are roped into the zombie apocalypse adventures of Rick Grimes and Co. Addictive as the show may be, few fans would go so far as to say that it’s perfect, and this brutally honest The Walking Dead video manages to pick out some of the series' biggest flaws and turn them into something hilarious. Check it out!

Some movies and shows are just too good for Honest Trailers to thoroughly shred, but most are not. The Screen Junkies video for The Walking Dead clocks in at seven minutes and proves that punches were not pulled for the AMC series.

The trailer is actually pretty cathartic for those of us who have stuck around with the series up to this point in the sixth season. The Walking Dead is one of those shows that’s really good when it’s good, but super frustrating when it’s not, and the trailer picking apart the formula of four solid episodes and four filler episodes per half season is almost painfully accurate. The march to Terminus in Season 4 and the search for Beth in Season 5 definitely deserved the lampooning. Kudos must also be given to the editor of this video for putting together such exhaustive montages of walking scenes and Rick yelling after his son.

This video is even funnier thanks to it's comments about AMC alongside The Walking Dead. The clip taking the time to poke fun at AMC’s habit of trying to bank off of the success of the Walking Dead mothership by promoting shows like Into the Badlands, Turn, and the far-inferior Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead was a fabulous way to kick off the trailer. Let’s be honest: who among us isn’t frustrated by the overload of AMC sneak peeks and promos of the other shows when all we want is some good old-fashioned zombie action?

My biggest laugh-out-loud segment, however, was the Talking Dead spoof in the middle of it. Between “Nerdy Ryan Seacrest” absolutely nailing Chris Hardwick’s manic monologue and the trailer managing to summarize everything that is irritating about the post-episode talk show in fifteen seconds, I was doing an immediate rewind.

All in all, this Walking Dead video is definitely worth watching for fans who can have a sense of humor about the show. The midseason premiere that just aired may have been one of the best and most thrilling episodes in a while, but the show is definitely not without its flaws. I may be hearing “Coral!” every time that Rick yells “Carl!” from now on, but that’s definitely not going to stop me from rewatching the trailer another time or two.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.