Weeds Season 7 Plot Details, Two New Guest Stars And A Shiny New Poster

For those of you looking for a Weeds Season 7 update. There are some casting news and plot details for the upcoming new season, which premieres next month. We also have the new promotional poster for Weeds, along with one for The Big C for you to check out.

TV Line posted some casting updates along with a few plot details that some may find a bit spoilery, so if you don’t want to know anything about the upcoming season, scroll down and feast your eyes on the shiny, new posters for Weeds and The Big C.

According to TVLine.com, Martin Short and Aiden Quinn have been signed on to appear in multiple episodes of Season 7. That's the vague update. Bigger spoilers ahead!

If you remember the Season 6 finale, things ended with Nancy being hauled off and arrested for the murder of Pilar, which was technically her son’s doing. Young Shane did the crime and Nancy did the time. Three years, to be exact. The seventh season picks up three years later with Nancy on probation following her prison sentence.

Andy, Silas, Shane and Doug spent some time in Copenhagen and are set to return to New York to meet up with Nancy, who will be living in a halfway house and trying to get her weed-peddling business back up and running. The Botwins take Manhattan? Love it!

Martin Short of Damages (also, the guilty pleasure romantic comedy Innerspace) will play an “eccentric attorney” and will appear in at least three episodes. Aidan Quinn of NBC’s upcoming new drama Prime Suspect (also, the guilty pleasure romantic comedy Practical Magic) will play a “charismatic CEO” in at least four episodes.

Showtime will air back-to-back premieres for Weeds Season 7 and The Big C Season 2 on Monday, June 27th, starting at 10 PM ET/PT.

Nancy holding the chain makes sense, considering she's tethered to the law. The Big C's Cathy (Laura Linney) holding the hour glass also works well as a reminder that, while she's living with terminal cancer, time is a very important factor in her life.

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