What Did Ricky Gervais Ask Mel Gibson At The Golden Globes? Now We Know

Ricky Gervais was back to host the 2016 Golden Globes, and he certainly did not take the easy way out. The raunchy comedian went right after numerous people in the room, and even took it to presenters immediately before they came out on stage. Just ask Mel Gibson. He slammed the beloved actor for all of his personal life issues over the past few years, to the point where Mel Gibson actually decided to fire back. He jokingly told the audience he likes seeing Ricky once ever three years so he remembers to “get a colonoscopy”. It was a funny moment and one that inspired the host to return to the stage and ask the actor a question that was bleeped out.

So, what the hell did he say? Well, thanks to Los Angeles Times writer Amy Kaufman, we actually know.

What the fuck does sugar tits even mean?

If you’re wondering where the hell “sugar tits” is coming from, you probably weren’t paying attention back in 2006. That’s when Mel Gibson allegedly used the strange phrase in a confrontation with a female police officer after he was pulled over for allegedly driving under the influence. It led to a whole lot of jokes from late night hosts, and it certainly didn’t help his career.

Thankfully, Hollywood is always willing to forgive those who have talent, especially when they’re willing to have a laugh at themselves. Mel Gibson did a great job of doing that tonight, as you can see in the footage from the incident below...

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