What Donald Trump Thinks About Saturday Night Live Hosting Backlash

It hasn’t been a full week since Saturday Night Live announced that Donald Trump would be hosting an episode of the show in November, so it obviously didn’t take long for groups that are not happy with many of Trump’s outspoken views to call for the invitation to be revoked. What does Donald Trump think of all this? In true Trump fashion, he doesn’t have a problem because he thinks the only people who will suffer if he doesn’t host will be the viewers of SNL.

Speaking with Fox News - because of course he was - Trump seemed to imply he was ratings gold and if he doesn’t host, nobody will watch.

If they want to do the show with one-third the ratings, they might do that. I don’t see that at all.

While the ego here can only be measured by Hubble Space Telescope (and we’re not sure he’d triple the audience by himself), is it even worth arguing at this point? Trump has made a spectacle of himself and one has to believe that at least some viewers who don’t normally watch the show will tune in just to see what he says and does. It’s the pageantry aspect of the whole thing that upsets the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, one of the organizations that is calling for Trump to be pulled, and they're calling it a “ratings ploy.” Trump, of course, has an opinion about that too.

As far as the Hispanics, these groups, I know these groups, if you talk to these groups you will find, what are they looking for? It is the same all over. I think frankly the ratings are going to be through the roof. Lorne Michaels is a very smart guy, NBC are very smart people.

What the groups are apparently looking for, according to Trump, is fundraising money. The more interesting part of this quote is the love that Trump apparently has for NBC. This was the same network that dropped the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants following Trump's comments regarding immigrants during his candidacy announcement speech. When the folks at Fox News asked Trump about that, The Donald responded that he didn’t have any hard feelings, because he made a lot of money after buying NBC’s share of the pageants and selling it elsewhere.

Also, according to him, NBC was begging him to continue doing The Apprentice, which he himself chose not to do in order to run for office. Apparently a lot of people beg Trump to do things, as he used the same words to describe what Jon Stewart did in order to get him on The Daily Show. Check out the full Trump/Fox conversation below.

NBC is standing by their host, so we’ll presumably get to see The Donald host SNL on November 7, and we’ll find out if the guy can be funny on purpose. Do you think he’ll make fun of his own hair?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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