Spoilers below for anyone who didn’t watch the Supergirl/Flash crossover episode.

It’s almost impossible to believe that not even two months have passed since it was first revealed The Flash would get a crossover episode with Supergirl, and “Worlds Finest” is now already a thing of the past. It came together so quickly, it’s as if The Flash was part of the creative team. While the episode was heavy on Kara’s story, to be expected, there were still a good assortment of moments that Flash fans who didn’t get to watch the episode (or chose not to) should be aware of. And without further ado…

The Heroes’ Super-Introduction
It makes total sense that the first time The Flash entered Supergirl’s universe, he was doing something heroic, though it was entirely unnecessary in this case. After Kara was blown through one of CatCo’s windows by pre-Silver Banshee Siobhan’s crippling sonic scream, Barry inexplicably came speeding into National City through a wormhole and immediately dashed up the tall building to save Kara before she (wouldn’t have) hit the ground. And after a few moments of zippy confusion and the confirmation that Kara had no idea who Green Arrow and Black Canary are, Barry realized that he’s on a completely different Earth from the one he’s used to (which makes him the ideal hero for the crossover). He even gets to introduce himself as “Barry Allen, the fastest man alive” before asking for help.

Barry Is A Hit At Cat-Co, Mostly
In a conversation that confirmed Mariah Carey exists on both Earths, Kara revealed to James and Winn that Barry is from a different universe, while also cluing him in on her alien origin. Barry got on the same page with Winn by mentioning time travel and going into a markerboard explanation of parallel universes, and he then wins the others over by zipping out for ice cream cones to prove how super-speedy he is. Even if Barry wasn’t down for doughnuts, he would have fit right in with the CatCo crowd, except possibly with Cat Grant herself. And only after James realizes Barry isn’t trying to get superfreaky with Kara. This immediate kinship between everyone bodes well for later character interactions in future crossovers, should they exist.

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