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What Jim Parsons Loves About Playing Sheldon On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory just celebrated it’s 200th episode milestone, which means it has been on the air for quite a long time. In that time, the cast has found things to dislike but also to love about their respective characters. Recently, Jim Parsons revealed what he loves most about getting to play Sheldon on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. Here’s what he had to say in an interview:

In a very specific way, one of my very favorite things about this character is his sort of lack of sentimentality. I don’t mean to sound unromantic or unsympathetic, but I cannot stand sentimentality, and I feel very lucky to be playing a character that, nine times out of 10, when something sentimental is happening in a script, I get to be the one to burst that bubble. And that gives me such great pleasure, I cannot tell you.

Really, that answer's about as thoughtful as answers get. I mean, we know Jim Parsons has been stuck--or has been privileged to be stuck--with Sheldon Cooper for the last nine seasons, but it’s not often that actors really love something so oddball about their characters. The lack of sentimentality is one of the traits that makes Sheldon stand out as such an individual on the series. Even when the character does get almost-sentimental, as happened a couple of months ago when Sheldon revealed he had a ring for Amy while on camera for a Spock documentary, he quickly nipped those feelings in the bud and “burst that bubble,” if you will.

Jim Parsons also told Variety that he loves the level of cluelessness his character can get away with in order to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

And I guess in a general way it relates to the thing that I loved about him from the moment I read the pilot, and for nine years now, which is just enough level of cluelessness to get away with saying some of the most outlandish and inappropriate things.

Parsons’ character does this nearly every episode, but some of these moments are more memorable than others, like when Sheldon brought up The Flash at the end of last season during a moment of intimacy with Amy, actively leading to the breakup that was a big deal throughout the fall.

Obviously, Amy and Sheldon are better than they have ever been on the series, and Sheldon has worked a lot harder to be intimate and concerned with his leading lady over the past several months. The Big Bang Theory has already been renewed for Season 10, so Jim Parsons will have plenty of time to enjoy his character over the next year or so. For now, you can catch new episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

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