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The Big Bang Theory Is Going To Reveal Sheldon's Big Secret

A big focus for The Big Bang Theory this season has been the aftermath of Sheldon and Amy’s big break-up, which was kicked off at the end of Season 8 when Amy said she needed some time. At the time, we learned that Sheldon had already gotten an engagement ring for his longtime partner. Months and months later, The Big Bang Theory is finally going to let the cast in on Sheldon’s big secret.

Following Monday’s episode, CBS has released the official logline for next weeks’ big episode “The Spock Resonance.” While the episode will feature a few guest stars—Stephen Merchant, Wil Wheaton and Adam Nimoy—along with a Star Trek plotline, the main event should be this:

Leonard and Penny are shocked to learn that Sheldon had an engagement ring for Amy, when The Big Bang Theory moves to its regular time period, Thursday Nov. 5.

Obviously, it has taken a long time for the comedy to work its way back to the engagement ring plot. At the end of Season 8, Sheldon had it hidden away in his desk drawer, but pulled it out to lament to his Gollum figurine that he was unsure what to do with the ring moving forward. Obviously, things went from bad to worse when Season 9 premiered, as Sheldon practically stalked Amy before she called off their relationship for good. And in this week’s episode, Amy revealed that she had already gone on a date with a man named Dave.

sheldon ring

Obviously, The Big Bang Theory was looking for a big episode to kick off its return to Thursday nights, and getting Sheldon to finally address the fact that he cared for Amy enough to get a ring should be a great way to get viewers to show up—that is, if they manage to remember the time change. In addition, Star Trek plotlines and Wil Wheaton are usually good ways to draw a crowd. Here’s what else CBS has to say about the episode.

“The Spock Resonance” – While being interviewed for a documentary about Spock from Star Trek, Sheldon struggles to suppress his emotions about his recent break-up with Amy.

Thus far, even fun stuff like this week’s hilarious shady helium seller and next week’s Star Trek documentary haven’t been as important as the developments between Amy and Sheldon this season, regardless of whether you ship the couple or not. We do know that showrunner Steven Molaro is feeling out the new dynamics within the group just as the characters and audience are and the show has no plans to “change the dynamic” until the time feels right. This is why potential love interests are being introduced for both characters, as well. If Amy finds out Sheldon had been hoping to commit in the middle of all these new dating experiences, it certainly could make things interesting. Luckily, we won’t have much longer to wait until Sheldon’s big secret is revealed.

Starting on November 5, you can catch new episodes of CBS’ (opens in new tab) The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

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