This Is What The Married With Children Spinoff Would Be About

Married with Children achieved some buzz recently, thanks to actress Katey Sagal receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sagal’s star is big news, but it’s not as big as the news we are about to drop. Apparently, a Married with Children spinoff is in the works.

Sony Pictures Television has plans to pitch a spinoff based around David Faustino’s character on the series, Bud Bundy. Back in the nineties, Bud was a really horny teenager, prone to attempting and then failing at sleeping with numerous females. He also liked to tease his sister because, well, she brought it on herself. In short, he was like a less successful version of his father. He had the same anger. The same low class attitude, but no high school football glory and no job as a shoe salesman. That being said, we have no idea what grown-up Bud would be like, and we may get the chance to find out. According to E!, the spinoff pitch is still in the early stages, but based on a THR report, we know it's definitely happening. It just hasn't been picked up. Yet.

While Faustino is presumably involved, I’m not sure how many of the other cast members would have roles or even return for guest appearances. Series leads Sagal and Ed O’Neill are well sought out in the acting world, with the former currently appearing on the final season of Sons of Anarchy and the latter crushing the ratings on Modern Family. Since Christina Applegate is currently between shows and also mentioned the potential project to E!, using the words “We’re going to do something.” I’d say there’s a bigger chance she’s involved, but she could have just been saying “we” as in Married with Children.

Married with Children is clearly still well-liked by its fans. The series sometimes airs in reruns and a couple of years ago, Fox released a Married with Children special for the show’s 25th Anniversary. People love to feel nostalgic, and Married with Children would fit right in with Girl Meets World and the Full House revival that is in the works with Warner Bros. Television. We’ll let you know if the Married With Children spinoff manages to make it past the pitching stage and into a real possibility.

Until then, feel free to reminisce about your favorite Bundy family moments. The wild family helped push television standards forward, and alongside The Simpsons, turned Fox into a real network. So, whether it gets to series or not, the show always deserves to be remembered for what it's already given us.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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