Which One Of These Network TV Bubble Shows Should Be Saved?

Network cancellations aren’t an exact science. It’s difficult to predict what a network will do, especially for shows that have avid but not large fanbases, or shows that were well-reviewed but didn’t land enough viewers to automatically land in the renewal safe zone. This season, there are a slew of shows that fit this criteria, and depending on what deals the network is able to work out, some of them will land a renewal and some of them will be sure to be cancelled next month.

Over at NBC, there are a ton of shows on the bubble. This mostly includes first season shows like State of Affairs, Marry Me, and American Odyssey, but it does also include About A Boy. A few months ago, NBC shortened the episode count of About a Boy, but the show is the network’s longest-running comedy (wildly) and could come back next year. Which brings us to Constantine, NBC’s oft-discussed freshman comic book series. The rumor mill last week stated Constantine was cancelled, but the outlet that first reported later retracted its statement. So, there still seems to be a glimmer of hope that the show will return.

Over at ABC, there are also plenty of shows on the bubble, including programs that got full season orders and shows that received limited season orders, but could still return should the network want to give them another run. Among these are comedies Cristela and Galavant, and a slew of dramas like Resurrection, American Crime, Forever, Agent Carter and Revenge. Secrets and Lies probably could have been tossed on this list, but we’re a little more confident about that one.

Over at CBS, the choices seem pretty easy. While the network has already cancelled programs, including The Millers, CSI, Stalker and Battle Creek all have very dim chances. At Fox, it’s Backstrom, Weird Loners and The Following that may get the ax.

It’s always tough when a show you have invested in might be up on a chopping block. Fans get 22 episodes or a few seasons to get to know characters and it’s tough when those characters don’t return in the fall—especially for the people who are watching more than one of the shows on this list. We know it can be tough, but here’s the ultimate question: Which one of this year’s shows with low-ish ratings would you like to see return to TV next season?

If you are looking for an updated list of network cancellations and renewals, head here. If not, let us know which show you would like to see return in the poll, below.

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Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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