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Why Michael Weatherly Thinks Tony DiNozzo Has To Move On

We’ve known Michael Weatherly would be leaving NCIS for quite some time, but that hasn’t helped to lesson our sadness about the actor's exit. Michael Weatherly has been particularly gracious about his time on the show, and has only had nice things to say about the series that has written his paycheck for quite a long time. However, it definitely seems as if he is ready to leave NCIS and he recently explained in an interview why he thinks his character Tony DiNozzo also has to move on. 

It seemed like the character had to go and do his thing. You can’t be in the No. 2 slot forever. That ended up being, I think, some of the tension that DiNozzo was having on the team. McGee is looking at him and going, ‘Will you get out of here, I wanna be No. 2!'

The actor spoke to Zap2It about his decision to leave the series, noting that really he’d done everything with Tony DiNozzo he’d hoped to do. Now it’s time for someone—namely Tim McGee--to pick up the mantle and take on a new role on the show.

We’ve known for a while that Michael Weatherly has been feeling like he “stayed at the party for too long,” and these comments complement what he’s said about his departure earlier. Luckily, announcing his departure has sort-of helped fans to get some closure regarding the character’s exit. And that should all come full circle once the finale airs and we learn exactly what is in the cards for Tony DiNozzo. 

How his story will play out remains to be seen. NCIS is set to air its Season 13 finale tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS. Be sure to tune in if you’ve been keeping tabs on this particular storyline, and check out what we know about what's coming. 

As for Michael Weatherly himself, the man already has a plan in motion to return to TV. Weatherly is sticking with CBS for Bull, a brand new drama about a trial consulting firm headed up by Dr. Jason Bull. Since Weatherly has made a lot of comments about being the #2 guy on NCIS in recent memory, we’re guessing it will probably feel pretty good to be the #1 guy for once. CBS picked Bull up to series just a few days ago. Reports also indicate that Michael Weatherly's production company has a few irons in the fire, as well. 

Both Bull and NCIS should be part of CBS’ 2016-2017 TV schedule, but while we wait for the network to make announcements regarding next TV season, the channel still has some good stuff coming up this summer. Check out what’s coming with our summer TV premiere schedule

Jessica Rawden
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