Last week, we wrote an article discussing why True Blood is ending after Season 7. Many of our loveliest Internet fans had something to say about the series in the comment section. What I found most interesting about these comments, however, was that very few people seemed to agree on when the series should have ended, and whether or not it should come to a close after this Sunday’s episode, at all.

With these disagreements in mind, we’ve put together what we confidently feel to be the definitive look at the past seven seasons of True Blood. We’ve taken a look at all of the pros and cons of each of these seasons and have put together a list of all the reasons True Blood could have been cancelled, and when. If you’ve ever had an opinion on when or if True Blood should have been canceled, this is the article for you.

Why True Blood Should Have Been Canceled After Season 1
In many ways, True Blood’s first season is the closest to Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series of books, following a central murder mystery and the introduction of vampire Bill Compton to the community of Bon Temps, Louisiana. After Bill introduces himself to Sookie while she is waitressing at Merlotte’s, the two embark on a passionate love affair. Also introduced in the season are Eric and Pam, as well as a host of supporting characters, including Lafayette, Jessica, Jason Stackhouse, Sheriff Andy, Arlene and Tara, who are important to the series over the years, although it is worth noting that Arlene and Tara, especially, are much changed from the books.

Both the murder mystery and the show’s somewhat close adherence to the books during Season 1 make it a perfectly contained and exciting introductory season. If the show had ended after Season 1, we would never have had to deal with the ramifications of Sookie’s romance with Bill, nor would we have had to endure all the other dudes she hooked up with in the seasons following. Additionally, there would never have been any weird fairy plotlines, witch tales, giant orgies, vampire gods, or Hep V scares. HBO’s True Blood would have offered fans a perfectly contained storyline and it likely would have lived on via cult status.

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