Woman Uncomfortably Accuses Man Of Burning Down Her Garage On Live Television

So, I know that it has to be a major shock to wake up in the middle of the night to find out that part of one’s property is on fire, and that making a clear path from Reaction Point A to Reaction Point B is difficult. But it should be inherently known that an on-the-scene interview with a local news reporter is probably not the best time to air out the dirty laundry of one’s family, especially when it involves an accusation for the fire that started it all.

Several residents of Leavittsburg, Ohio had a wild Thursday morning, as a fire that started in the garage of one homeowner, Heather Tenney, had spread to another garage nearby, heavily damaging both. A reporter from WKBN 27 was on the scene and talked to Tenney (whose husband was standing behind her) about the incident. When asked if she knew how the fire started, Tenney introduced a scenario worthy of The Jerry Springer Show.

Yes, I do. It was ‘cause of my cousin. And I don’t want to mention no names…He’s mad because he can’t get with me. I’m married to my husband. It’s a long story; just make it short. He already put [woman’s husband] in the hospital once last month, and he figured he was going to do something else to get back.

It is at this point that the interview went from “Aww, at least she got to save her dogs from the fire” to “Uhh, what kind of horrible shit have those dogs witnessed in their lives?” I’m not one to pass (audible) judgment on someone just because they may or may not have admitted to being the target of a cousin’s lust as well accusing him or her of being guilty of arson, but know when to stop talking. Or at least how to vague down a situation.

Even though the reporter handled it with all the grace he could muster, I assume that this is the only face he wanted to make for the rest of that night.


According to WKBN, investigators are looking to find the man in order to question him about where he was at the time. Most people would be able to say that they were sleeping, but then that guy isn’t exactly “most people.”

Check out the full video below.

If you ever find yourself on the local news for some horrible event affecting your life, remember to try not to make it worse than it already is. When in doubt, just say “I dunno.”

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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