Local News Reads Tweets About Fire, Totally Misses Weed Reference

If you are living on the West Coast, you may already know about the fires that have been ravaging Antioch in the San Francisco Bay Area. A local newscast was capturing footage from the prominent fires, and included user's reactions in the segment. Amusingly, they weren’t carefully edited and a weed reference was included in the post. Check it out, below.

The weed reference is tucked in among a slew of other tweets from people living in the area—or at least paying attention to the news. You can tell how hastily the whole segment must have been edited, as the news outlet even chose to use a re-tweet of the original tweet that talks about how the smoke isn’t all that bad, at least not compared to the user’s hotbox. Here's the original post:

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If you are as lost as the editor who included the social media post in the lineup, that tweet does not refer to a sweatbox, although the idea is sort-of the same. It’s basically people chilling in an air-tight room and smoking pot. Since the air isn’t escaping, the weed is used to better effect. If you already knew that, don’t look at me like I’m the asshole explaining the obvious, here. Somebody with a decent job totally missed it earlier (or maybe snuck it in). For the sake of comedy and my own personal amusement, I'll choose to believe he or she knew and thought his or her boss wouldn't get it. Too bad the Internet catches on to everything.

Suffice to say, the local news is a prime breeding ground for these sorts of humorous mistakes and shenanigans. There’s the guy who accidentally made hump day sounds really dirty, not to mention the slew of profanity that occasionally makes its way onto the airwaves. And sometimes inadvertently profane outfits cause a lot of talk around the internet.

Obviously a weed reference is not as gasp-worthy as when the local news accidentally airs explicit content during a newscast. Most people probably didn’t even notice the flub, and if they did, here’s to hoping they gave it an amused chuckle before moving on with their day. We'll let you know the next time someone on the local news screws up in a humorous way. Don't expect to wait very long.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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