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After over 15 years of adventures on the big screen, it was announced last October that the X-Men universe will soon be branching off onto the small screen. One of the new mutant TV projects in development is FX’s Legion, which will follow the eponymous protagonist, also known as David Haller, as he deals with the mysterious voices and visions in his head. Although David has yet to be cast, one of Legion’s other leads has found its actress in Fargo star Rachel Keller.

All we know so far about Keller’s character is she’s a “scrappy, optimistic woman in her 20s.” Deadline reports that her powers might be tied to “human touch,” but that has yet to be confirmed. Currently, Legion (being written by Fargo’s Noah Hawley) has only been commissioned for a pilot, but if the FX brass likes what they see, then fans can likely expect a full series. Keller has was most recently seen as Simone Gerhardt in Fargo Season 2, and she’s also guest-starred on The Mentalist and Supernatural.


As far as who Keller is playing, if the human touch angle with her powers is true, one would immediately think of Rogue, the longtime X-Men member who can absorb memories and powers just by touching someone with her bare skin. Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind that Keller’s character may end up being someone who doesn’t truly exist. In the comics, David telepathically manifested different personalities that control his many abilities. It’s possible that we may see something similar happen in Legion, and Keller’s character is tied to one of his powers. In that case, the audience would see her, but to everyone who interest with David, she doesn’t exist.

Legion will follow David struggling with what he believes is a mental illness that’s plagued him since he was a teenager. However, following an incident with a fellow patient at the psych hospital he was sent to, David starts to wonder if his voices and visions are actually real. If the series follows the source material closely, then we may see other superpowers awaken within him. Although David was the son of Professor Charles Xavier in the comics, there was no mention of the X-Men leader in the pilot’s description, casting doubt on whether this familial connection will be retained in live-action, especially with everything happening on the movie side of things.

Other than Legion, the other X-Men TV series that’s currently being worked on is Fox’s Hellfire, which will follow a special agent investigating the Hellfire Club in the 1960s. And FX is also working on an adaptation of Vertigo's Y: The Last Man.We’ll keep you apprised on any updates surrounding their development.