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The 12th Season of ‘Survivor’ ended with yoga instructor, Aras Baskauskas taking home the grand prize of $1 million. In the grand tradition of reality TV competitions, it seems a broken alliance may have been what sealed the deal for Baskauskas’ win. Up against him was Danielle DiLorenzo. DiLorenzo won the immunity challenge, which gave her the power to vote off one of the two other remaining contestants. Rather than giving Baskauskas the boot, she turned on her ally, Terry Deitz, under the assumption that Deitz disliked Baskauskas enough to vote against him.

It seems as though DiLorenzo learned the age-old reality TV lesson the hard way. Don’t turn against an ally if you’re going to need their support to win the game. Don’t worry Danielle. You aren’t the first reality-TV contestant to make this mistake and you wont be the last.

In the meantime, Baskauskas plans to use his winnings to start up his own yoga studio. His advice to future ‘Survivor’ players: "The more real you can be out there, the more successful you'll be at it." Whatever. Our advice to you, Baskauskas: “Don’t make the same mistake Hatch did. Pay your taxes!”.

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