Aaron Carter's Mom Posted Pictures Of His Death Scene On Facebook, Called For A 'Real Investigation'

Back in January, Aaron Carter’s fiancé Melanie Martin said the family was waiting on toxicology tests but was convinced he died of a drug overdose. Apparently Aaron Carter’s mother doesn’t feel the same way, however. Jane Carter dropped a post on Facebook yesterday pointing the finger at cops and calling for a real investigation into what happened. As part of the post, she also included pictures of the bathroom her son died in, including one of the bathtub with water that had turned green.

Apparently Jane Carter feels the coroner “wrote (the death) off as an accidental drug overdose” given his history of addiction. She feels there is a lot more to what happened and wants a “real investigation.” She also doesn’t understand why people were allowed to come and go from the scene, as she thinks there could have been “potential homicide information.” She says Aaron had “a lot” of death threats that need to be investigated. You can read her entire message below…

Still trying to get a real investigation for the death of my son Aaron Carter I want to share these death scene photos with you all because the coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose They never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his addiction past Look at the photos They were not taken by the police But they allowed people to go in and out.although a lot of potential homicide information was there for years Aaron had a lot of death threats and many many people who were making his life miserable

The photos that went along with the above caption on her Facebook post (which can be found here) included a bathtub with the water turned green, several of the floor with dirty towels and another of the toilet area with an additional towel on the ground. Carter later told TMZ she believes the placement of the towels is suspicious, as they seem too neatly placed given he was pulled out of the bathtub for CPR. She thinks someone was out to “harm” Aaron, and they should be found and held accountable. 

Carter says she has the full support of the rest of Aaron’s family to post the pictures, but it’s unclear if that includes his fiancé Melanie Martin who has been sharing a different viewpoint in public. Jane Carter and her son Aaron also had a very complicated and at times contentious relationship that included allegations of theft.

Melanie Martin previously said she believes Aaron died of an overdose because there wasn’t any water found in his lungs, pill bottles were discovered and those close to him were worried about his addiction history. She also apparently uncovered a text message exchange on his phone indicating he owed someone $800, which may have been for the substance he died from. No toxicology reports have been made public, though it’s unclear if the family has been told anything else in private.

Aaron Carter died at 34 at the beginning of November. He had been working on new projects at the time of his passing. There was an immediate outpouring of love and support from his fans, as well as memories and stories from family members, some of whom had a complicated relationship with him. Thus far, authorities have not responded to any of the accusations by Jane Carter, but given their high profile nature, authorities will probably at least release a statement or an update on the case. 

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