After Controversial Firing, Black Ink Crew Star Turned Himself Into Police Over Animal Cruelty Charges

Ceaser Emanuel in Black Ink Crew Season 9
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The mothership series in VH1’s unscripted Black Ink Crew franchise went through a game-changing controversy in late June, when a disturbing video surfaced online that allegedly featured star and Black Ink founder Ceaser Emanuel beating and abusing dogs inside his home. Soon after, VH1 fired Emanuel from the New York-based show, which was nearing the end of production on Season 10. Now, in the latest update surrounding the former star, he reportedly turned himself into authorities in Georgia over animal cruelty charges. 

On Wednesday, June 20, Ceaser Emanuel surrendered himself to officers from the South Fulton PD, per a spokesperson’s report to TMZ. According to the jail records, Emanuel is looking at three charges: one felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals, and two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. It isn’t yet publicly known what will happen to the former Black Ink Crew: New York star regarding a potential arrest or other possible consequences. 

At this time, it’s also still not fully confirmed whether or not these charges are directly connected to the acts shown in the leaked video. It does seem likely, given the timeliness and the fact that South Fulton authorities were already investigating the incident. Less than two weeks prior to Emanuel turning himself in, his legal counsel made it sound as if they weren’t aware if the charges were legitimate or not. 

In a statement given to The Shade Room, attorney Christina Gill did share that Ceaser Emanuel was willing to cooperate, and it apparently took as long as it did for all parties to figure things out. In Gill’s words: 

It has been brought to our attention that the South Fulton Police Department has put out an arrest warrant after his ex-girlfriend Suzette Samuel made a complaint for an animal cruelty incident regarding an unclear 2-year-old video from or about 2019 after a recent break up. [Ceaser Emanuel] intends to fully cooperate with the legal authorities and his counsel to bring him justice for this incident. We are not able to confirm or deny if actual charges have been filed but we are in the process of working with the authorities to come to a resolve as he will be willingly turning himself in.

At the time when Ceaser Emanuel was initially fired from Black Ink Crew, his lawyer Walter Mosley claimed it was an “old” video filmed within his Atlanta home during COVID lockdowns. Soon after, Emanuel spoke out to TMZ saying the video wasn’t what it seemed to be, and that he was breaking up a fight between the two dogs shown, when one of them attacked. He claims his violent response was an impulsive decision made in the moment, as he was afraid what might happen next, and said he wished he could take it back. Both dogs are reportedly okay now, with one of them being given away to a friend, while the other was sent to obedience training.

This is also when Ceaser Emanuel said the video clip was footage from his home security camera, and that he believed it was leaked. It was only later when those allegations were more specifically tied to his ex-girlfriend Suzette Samuel. 

Whatever the reason behind things, the video was obviously enough to get him fired from VH1, while also drawing the ire of past co-stars such as Donna Lombardi. It’s unclear how the incident will be addressed on Black Ink Crew directly, but the producers were reportedly intending to work the situation into one or more episodes, given that production hadn’t quite ended yet. 

Black Ink Crew Season 10 will air at some point later in 2022 or early 2023 on VH1. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way. 

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