Mandy Moore And NCIS Stars Congratulate Wilmer Valderrama After Daughter Is Born

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NCIS may not always be the happiest show on television, but actor Wilmer Valderrama is all smiles in his announcement of the birth of his daughter. The baby girl is Valderrama's first child with fiancée Amanda Pacheco, and she was born on February 15. Celebrities didn't waste any time following the birth announcement to share their congratulations, with well-wishers ranging from This Is Us star Mandy Moore to Valderrama's NCIS costars.

Wilmer Valederrama, who had previously announced Amanda Pacheco's pregnancy with a photo that looked straight out of a Fast & Furious movie rather than anything conventional, announced the birth of their daughter via Instagram, calling their daughter "straight out of heaven." Take a look at the adorable family photo:

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Congratulations to Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco! The happy couple with their baby girl were celebrated with a flood of commenters on Valderrama's post, with some names that a lot of TV fans will recognize among the well-wishers. This Is Us star Mandy Moore, who just gave birth to a baby boy of her own after her NBC show found ways to accommodate her pregnancy, took the time to express her excitement for Valderrama and Pacheco:

I'm guessing not many people are going to disagree with Mandy Moore's assessment of the new baby as a "gorgeous angel," least of all her parents! Mandy Moore plays one of the best-known moms in primetime television nowadays thanks to her role as Rebecca Pearson through different eras on This Is Us, so her comment is especially fun. Other commenters who shared their congratulations are ones who share the screen with Wilmer Valderrama on a regular basis over on CBS.

As Bishop on NCIS, Emily Wickersham actually plays the closest thing to a love interest that Wilmer Valderrama's Torres has on the long-running procedural. For the photo of Valderrama with his daughter and fiancée, Wickersham went for both a lovely message and a heart emoji. She's also not the only NCIS star to bust out the hearts in their congratulations to their costar.

Brian Dietzen's Palmer may have just gone through a tragedy on screen with an episode of NCIS, but the actor expressed that he's "so happy" in real life for Wilmer Valderrama and his family.

Even though Maria Bello won't be counted as an NCIS costar for much longer due to her decision to depart the series halfway through Season 18, she has words of welcome to the world for Wilmer Valderrama's newborn daughter.

Diona Reasonover, who has played Kasie Hines since Season 15 on NCIS had compliments for the entire family in the happy moments caught on camera. And, as it turns out, a star of another NCIS series reached out to congratulate Wilmer Valderrama:

Daniela Ruah has played Kensi Blye over on NCIS: Los Angeles for twelve seasons so far, and her message (along with the seven hearts) is sweet to see, especially considering that she and Wilmer Valderrama share the same TV universe, even if their shows rarely cross over with each other. And finally, we have a message that couldn't have been missed: from CBS.

While Wilmer Valderrama and his fiancée get to celebrate the birth of their daughter in real life, Torres isn't always getting the luck of the draw when it comes to NCIS plots. See what happens next for Torres when new episodes of NCIS air on CBS Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. After taking some weeks off, NCIS will return on Tuesday, March 2 to say goodbye to Maria Bello's Jack.

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