Al Roker's Replacement Sends Love To The Recovering Star, Clarifies Whether Santa Will Be Able To Travel In The Storm

Al Roker smiling on the Today show.
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While Al Roker recovers after a few scary trips to the hospital, his Today replacement Somara Theodore is wishing him well while she reports on the incoming snowstorm. And in true Al Roker fashion, she is reassuring the kiddos that even though it will be cold and snowy, Santa will be able to make it to their houses safely before Christmas morning. 

Theodore will likely be reporting the weather through at least the end of the 2022 TV schedule. Roker appeared on Today a few weeks ago to provide a health update, and said that while he’s on the road to recovery he needs to get his “strength back.” In one of her recent Tweets, Today’s current weatherwoman posted a sweet message to Roker that said: 

The weatherwoman joins the majority of the Today show anchors in recognizing their love for the Daytime Emmy winner. When Roker missed his first Thanksgiving Day Parade in 27 years his co-stars sent lots of love and support his way. The hosts also surprised the weatherman outside his house to sing him Christmas carols, and let him know how much they appreciate and miss him. While everyone clearly misses the Today mainstay who is healing after multiple health scares due to blood clots, they are also welcoming Theodore with open arms. 

Theodore is typically the meteorologist on Today during the weekend, but while Roker recovers, she’s filling in for the beloved weatherman Monday through Friday. When she's not on Today she is a full-time meteorologist at News4 in Washington D.C. She traveled up north to fill in for Roker for a while, and she’s doing a great job.

In the spirit of Al Roker, she gave an accurate and fun weather update. With a massive snowstorm hitting a lot of the United States, and Christmas in a couple of days, Theodore made sure to not only report the weather but also reassure the kids watching that Santa will make it to their houses. She said:

The producers they’re saying that even though the storm is coming, Santa can travel through that. In fact, reindeer love playing in high-altitude snow, so the gifts won’t be late kiddos.

She’s also making sure to give accurate and detailed weather forecasts as the impending storm makes its way toward the East Coast and Midwest, as you can see in her report from December 20:

It’s comforting to know that even though us humans probably should hunker down and watch some of the most popular Christmas movies, according to Theodore, Santa will have no problems navigating the storm this Christmas. So, while Roker recovers, and Christmas comes, you can bet your bottom dollar Theodore will be on Today to give you the daily weather and Santa updates. 

Riley Utley
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