Anthony Anderson Guest-Hosted For Jimmy Kimmel And Hilariously Clowned The Emmys For Ignoring Black-ish's Final Season

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The list of 2022 Primetime Emmy nominations was finally revealed yesterday, and there are a plethora of shows that are in the running for the gold this year. The comedy categories are particularly stacked, as they feature hit shows like Ted Lasso, Abbott Elementary and Barry. However, one sitcom that didn’t make it into any of those categories is ABC’s black-ish, which signed off after eight seasons earlier this year. Of course, series star and producer Anthony Anderson is well aware of the snubs and, when he guest-hosted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he hilariously clowned the Television Academy for ignoring his show. 

A seasoned comedian, Anthony Anderson is always one to bring on the jokes, even when a situation doesn’t pan out the way that he hoped. The star, who’s filled in on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before, addressed black-ish’s Emmy snubs during his opening monologue. In doing so, he humorously provided his logic for why the series was passed over and evoked a few other noteworthy shows to make his case. And his thoughts definitely garnered some laughs from the live-studio audience, which included his own mother:

Look, I don’t want to bring the mood down, but I do have a bone to pick with the Academy. You know who did not get nominated for a Primetime Emmy this morning? America’s sweetheart. Me. That’s right, me — Anthony Anderson — and neither did my show, black-ish, or my co-star, Tracee Ellis Ross. Can you believe that shit, Mama? Now look, I’m not saying the voters were stupid for not nominating me or black-ish or Tracee. I’m saying they’re racist. And you know what did get nominated this year? Barry, a show about a murderer. And What We Do in the Shadows, a show about vampires that murder people. And Only Murders in the Building, a show about a podcast…about a murder! So black-ish wasn’t nominated, but we’ve been named the lead suspect in all of those white people murder shows.

The actor would know a bit about who’s most likely to be named a murder suspect. After all, he is just coming off a one-season stint on the Law & Order revival and starred in two seasons of the OG show before that. In all seriousness though, it’s honestly a bit surprising that black-ish didn’t receive any love for its send-off season. On top of that, Anthony Anderson also joked that another actor who bears his name was nominated for Outstanding Actor In A Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series.

The Barbershop alum doesn’t seem all that bitter about the lack of Emmy love, though. He went on to conclude this portion of his opening spiel by hilariously taking solace in another honor – one that he doesn’t actually have, mind you:

At least I’ll always have my Oscar for Kangaroo Jack. They can never take that away from me.

Anthony Anderson is still well known for his role in the 2003 comedy, but I think his work on black-ish will age a bit better. The Kenya Barris-created sitcom debuted in 2014 and gradually became one of ABC’s signature shows. One of the best elements of it was the chemistry between Anderson and on-screen spouse Tracee Ellis Ross, who were both nominated for multiple Emmys during the show’s run. (Given how natural they were, it’s honestly surprising that there was a time when Ellis Ross didn’t like Anderson.)

The series capped off its run in April with its 175th episode, “Homegoing,” which featured an emotional final scene set to a classic Steve Wonder song. Anthony Anderson and his co-stars had all the emotions while reacting to the finale as did loyal viewers, who reacted on social media. The final season may not have nabbed any Emmy nominations, but the work that the cast and crew did will remain a part of TV history for years to come. And funny jokes aside, I’m sure that’s something Anderson knows and surely appreciates. 

All eight seasons of black-ish are available to stream with a Hulu subscription, and those in need of a new show to watch following its conclusion can find one on CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule.

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