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Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Sons Went Full Yellowstone As The Long Wait For Season 5 Begins

With Yellowstone having wrapped up its fourth season recently on Paramount Network, fans sadly don’t have any top-notch Dutton family dialogue to look forward to (or to dread, depending on your stance). Viewers are definitely able to keep the franchise love going with Paramount+’s prequel 1883, which has quickly proven itself to be a worthy standalone series, but for those who mainly crave the Kevin Costner-led western drama, it’s a little harder. That is, unless those particular fans are Arnold Schwarzenegger and his sons Patrick and Chris.

Having already made his Yellowstone fandom known to the world at large, Arnold Schwarzenegger took things to the next logical step by dressing the part alongside two of his sons. (Considering how strongly the show hinges on father-son relationships, both good and bad, this seems entirely on brand, too.) Check out Patrick Schwarzenegger’s post on Instagram below while considering whether or not Beth Dutton would approve.

For the first pic, I think we can agree that John Dutton might not feel quite so at home within something that furry, especially if Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins would be around to protest the use of fur. And he’s not so known for his cigar puffing. But he does look a bit more like the Yellowstone character while rocking a red pullover within a wood-sourced house. I admittedly now need to see John Dutton rocking a white mustache and beard, although I doubt that will ever happen. And no, another flashback of John with just the mustache doesn’t count, unless Dabney Coleman is involved.

And then we have Patrick Schwarzenegger doing a serviceable job as Kayce Dutton, whose look doesn’t generally stretch much beyond “cowboy hat, jacket, denim jeans.” Kayce tends to wear button-down shirts beneath his jackets, but he’s also been known to don more casual shirts, so no points deducted. 

Finally, we have Chris Sargent, who has the non-envious job of trying to pull off looking like one of TV’s biggest badasses, Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler. Really, though, just by having a full mustache-and-beard situation happening, Sargent defaults into a win. Especially in the snowy pic with his stoic stare. My only criticism here is that he should be wearing his dad’s sunglasses, and he should also be three seconds away from swinging a tire iron at someone’s face like a golf club. Such is the Rip way.

Now that the Schwarzenegger men have put their Yellowstone fandom out there so publicly, fans can start speculating about whether or not Season 5 will feature a new trio of badasses making their way into town to try and get their large, grubby mitts on John Dutton’s land. I mean, it probably won’t happen, but Taylor Sheridan has a way with making surprising A-list cameos happen in this universe.

Yellowstone is currently on hiatus until Season 5 comes around, but keep watching 1883 to see how the Dutton family’s history shakes out, and stay current with everything debuting soon via our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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