Meghan McCain And Her Husband Dressed Up As Yellowstone's Beth And Rip, And Thankfully Shared A Pic

So far in 2021, Meghan McCain walked away from her rather tumultuous stint co-hosting The View, she released an Audible-exclusive audio memoir that threw all manner of shade at her former job, and (most importantly) celebrated her daughter Liberty's one-year birthday. So how did the Conservative-leaning author and TV personality celebrate Halloween? By joining her husband Ben Domenech in dressing up as some of TV's most fiery characters: Yellowstone's Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler. And thank the big sky heavens, she gave fans a peek at their fictional family dynamic.

While it would have been amazing to see Meghan McCain and her hubs act out a full scene as Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser's beloved Yellowstone characters,  we'll have to just enjoy the following Instagram post by its lonesome.

With Yellowstone finally returning to Paramount Network for Season 4 a week after Halloween night, this was definitely a timely costume plan for Meghan McCain. Admittedly, I might not have automatically guessed what these costumes were, or even had the wherewithal to assume that they were costumes, since the adults in the picture don't look all that outlandish. (The kiddo does give it away a little.) But then knowing that they're Beth and Rip, it becomes very obvious and hard not to see after the fact.

There are certainly critiques that could be made, such as McCain's red wig being a bit too vivid as compared to Beth's. Or the fact that both her and Ben Domenech are in the vicinity of smiling, which is quite the rare treat for viewers to see, though it does happen far more often when Beth and Rip are together as opposed to when they're apart. And It's unclear if either character will be smiling when Season 4 kicks off, considering the worrying way things ended for most of the main characters in Season 3's finale. To that end, it might have been a hoot had they dressed up as Beth and Rip as they would have looked after the events of the finale. But that's a bit dark, especially with a cute l'il fawn around. 

While I can't speak for how Ben Domenech would compare to Rip Wheeler by way of whooping the shit out of someone, Meghan McCain has certainly proven herself capable of approaching situations and conversations in a way that Beth Dutton would likely approve of. Granted, McCain doesn't drop threatening F-bombs as is Beth's signature tactic, but you can bet she wanted to let a lot of those fly during her years on The View

We have another year to wait and see if Meghan McCain will spend next Halloween dressing up as someone from another Taylor Sheridan project, but fans can watch Yellowstone's two-episode Season 4 premiere when it airs on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 7, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For other big shows that have yet to arrive in 2021, check out our Fall TV premiere schedule.

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