As The View Adds Two More Co-Hosts, Sunny Hostin Shares 'Humbled' Thoughts On Representing Women Of Color On TV Every Day

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You can’t have a long-running show like The View, which has seen a number of different women with wonderfully strong opinions co-host over the course of its 25 seasons, without a number of on-screen and off-camera battles. Reports of those conflicts might be one of the things that have helped the show remain popular for so long, and they haven’t kept potential hosts from lining up for the opportunity to represent the wide variety of women’s ideals on the daytime series, either. Now, as The View has added Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro for Season 26, co-host Sunny Hostin has opened up about being “humbled” at speaking for women of color on the show. 

What Did Sunny Hostin Say About Representing Women Of Color On The View?

Sunny Hostin has been a part of what’s seen as one of the most drama-filled talk shows since 2014, when she joined The View as a guest, going on to become an official co-host in 2016 for Season 12. While Hostin has had a front row seat to a number of battles between her fellow hosts, it seems pretty clear that she enjoys having the platform that being on The View affords her, and just signed up to continue her work through Season 28. Hostin recently spoke about what representing women of color on the show means to her on The View’s official Twitter page, and said:

This platform can’t be underestimated or over emphasized, because there isn’t a day that goes by that someone doesn’t reach out to me and say, ‘thank you for being my voice.’ It’s a great responsibility, and I take it so seriously, because there are so few people that get to represent women, and I think most importantly, women of color, for me at least. Our voices have been marginalized for so long. And, I’m just so humbled, really, and honored to be able to give that perspective.

As we know, it’s very important for people to feel like their voices are heard and opinions matter, particularly when it comes to a show like The View, where heavy, divisive political and social issues are frequently the topics of the day. Hostin has become a representative for women of color during her time on the show, and she seems grateful to be able to be that in a way that’s made lots of viewers openly appreciate what she does.

Though Hostin was, reportedly, involved in some of the backstage tension with former co-host Meghan McCain before she left in July 2021, any troubles there might have been there were mended long enough ago for McCain to reveal, earlier this year, that she currently has a good relationship with her former co-worker, and noted that Hostin didn’t “demonize” her the way their fellow co-hosts did. And, while Whoopi Goldberg did have to comically force Sunny Hostin to “cool off” during a conversation about Jesse Williams’ Broadway nude scene a few months back, it appears that Hostin’s been able to really make a positive impact on The View and its audience.

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