Whoopi Goldberg And Meghan McCain Had One Of The View's Most Cringe-Worthy Moments Yet

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If there's one thing The View has cemented its legacy with all these years, it's drama. The show's core focus is interviewing celebrities and tackling hot-button issues, though it always seems to be more noteworthy when those debates end in actual jabs between the show's celebrity panel. Such was the case recently when Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain exchanged barbs in what may be The View's most cringe-worthy moment yet.

The whole drama started when Meghan McCain was talking over others during a conversation involving impeachment proceedings and President Donald Trump. Whoopi Goldberg tried to move on to another topic, but McCain kept on talking which caused Goldberg to lash out at her co-host for still speaking while attempting to move the conversation along.

Whoopi Goldberg seemed all too ready to call Meghan McCain's bluff on not speaking, though the two were back at it arguing not long after the threat. The internet was all over the clip, which has gone viral since the episode's airing, with many praising Goldberg for shutting down McCain. Of course, given the nature of the subject being discussed, McCain also had a fair few of supporters praising her for speaking her mind during the topic.

So, will this fight result in one of the two being booted from The View? Most likely no, as Whoopi Goldberg appeared on late-night television not long ago to say that many of the disagreements seen on camera are not actual fights, but the women expressing their opinions. As Goldberg said, that's what they're all paid to be there for, so a disagreement between people is more a forgone conclusion than an actual knock-down drag out fight.

With that being said this is yet another instance in which Meghan McCain has been singled out on The View, and another incident in which her behavior elicited a strong reaction from the in-studio audience. McCain spoke not too long ago about being booed by audience members on the program, typically regarding her viewpoints on some of the hot-button issues discussed on the show. McCain admitted the boos she received have been hard, and doesn't appreciate those types of reactions for simply sharing her thoughts.

It's always hard to know exactly what straw will break the camel's back on The View, as hosts have come and gone without much warning in the past. One notable example is Elisabeth Hasselbeck who was fired just a few months after co-host Barbara Walters struck down media reports that the show was planning to get rid of her. On the flip side, Meghan McCain threatened to quit The View back in July, but is still around at the end of 2019.

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