The 14 Best Gifts For Fans Of Pokemon

Ash and Pikachu in Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!
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It should be pretty obvious at this point that I’m quite the fan of anime. From some of the darkest ones I’ve seen like Attack on Titan to more light-hearted ones like Spy x Family, I’ve become enthralled in the world of it whether it be through a TV adaptation of a manga series, or through anime films – with my favorite being the Studio Ghibli movies

But like many other people who are into anime, they often start their journey at a young age like I did – with Pokemon. While I’ve already talked about the anime series in extensive detail, today, I’m going to go over the best Pokemon gifts that you can get for the fan in your life – or, you know, just for yourself too like I will. 

The latest Pokemon games at Best Buy.

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Obviously The Latest Pokemon Game: Scarlet And Violet

Look, hear me out. 

Yes, I know the game has glitches and it can be ridiculously annoying to some, but for me, I genuinely still love the heck out of these games. The Pokemon games in general bring in so much nostalgia for me but the fact that the company actually did it and made an open-world Pokemon game is astounding to me. And like it or not, this game is the next step in the franchise. 

But, if you want a more refined Pokemon game that isn’t a typical double’s game, check out Pokemon: Legends of Arceus too. That’s a great open-world Pokemon game that also came out in 2022.

Buy the Pokemon: Scarlet and Pokemon: Violet Double Pack on Best Buy.
Buy Pokemon: Legends of Arceus at Best Buy.

The Pokemon cards you can buy on Amazon.

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Pokemon Cards To Further Your Collection From The 1990s

Obviously, before Pokemon was an anime, it was a card game, and we all collected a ton of them back in the day. I swear, I must have my Charizard somewhere in my basement. But regardless, getting this pack of Pokemon cards might end up giving you the rarities you’ve always craved.

Buy this collection of Pokemon cards on Amazon.

The Pokemon binder on Amazon you can buy.

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And Of Course, A Pokemon Binder For All Your Cards

You and I both know that the box of Pokemon cards that you’ve had for the last twenty years is overflowing. Get the binder. You’re going to need it. 

Buy this Pokemon card binder on Amazon.

One of the Pikachu plushies for sale on Pokemon Center.

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Plushies. All The Pokemon Plushies

No, I’m not just putting all these plushies here because I want my boyfriend to buy me every single one. Not at all. 

But in all seriousness, the Pokemon company makes most of its revenue on its merchandise and these plushies are such a huge reason as to why. They’re so dang cute – and there’s so many options too!

Check out all the Pokemon plushies on Pokemon Center.

The Eevee lounge pants on Pokemon Center.

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These Cute Eevee Lounge Pants

It’s wintertime, which means more and more of us are going to be staying inside, drinking hot cocoa, maybe even watching some of our favorite Christmas movies. But to me, I’d happily do that in these cute little Eevee lounge pants. Eevee is the second-most popular Pokemon for a reason. 

Buy these cute Eevee lounge pants on Pokemon Center.

The commemorative gift on Etsy.

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This Adorable Commemorative Gift For You And Your Pokemon Bestie

True story – I actually do have this. I got this for me and my boyfriend for our six year anniversary since we’re both avid Pokemon players (and we got together in 2016 when Pokemon GO came out). And it’s so cute. You can customize the Pokemon you want in it, as well as the trainers, and the scene in the background. It’s such a great gift for someone you care about that also happens to share you love for Pokemon. 

Buy this cute little commemorative Pokemon gift on Etsy.

The Pokemon socks on Amazon.

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This Cute Sock Bundle To Show Your Favorite Pokemon On Your Feet

Because nothing is cuter than Pokemon socks. I stand by that. And yes, I have about twenty pairs of Pikachu socks, don’t judge me. 

Buy this Pokemon sock bundle on Amazon.

The Pokemon stickers on Amazon.

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These Cute Pokemon Stickers

In my time at college, stickers was something I literally put everywhere, on my laptop, my water bottle, even my notebooks. For you, this giant pack of Pokemon stickers will give you so many options and different Pokemon to choose from, and what’s better is that this is not only a great gift for you yourself, but to the Pokemon fan in your life too. 

Buy this Pokemon sticker pack on Amazon.

The Eevee holiday sweater on Pokemon Center.

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Pokemon Holiday Sweaters Because Why Not Show Off Your Love For Pokemon While Celebrating?

I mean look at that Eevee sweater. All they want to do is hang up Christmas lights! It’s so damn cute. I need every single holiday sweater available now. 

Check out all the Pokemon holiday sweaters on Pokemon Center.

These Pokemon bath bombs that are on Amazon.

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These Pokemon Bath Bombs With Little Figurines Inside Of Them

I love my baths, if we’re being completely honest. They are relaxing and are a great way to wind down from the day. So why not make baths even better by getting bath bombs that not only make your bath look pretty, create a pleasant scent, but also have Pokemon figurines inside? I consider that a win-win.

Buy these Pokemon bath bombs on Amazon.

The 150 original Pokemon blanket on Etsy.

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This Sick Throw Blanket Of The Original 150 Pokemon

The original 150 Pokemon (technically 151) will always have a place in my heart, and now, they can have a place on your lap too with this great Pokemon themed blanket that features all 150 Pokemon from the first generation. So freaking cool.

Buy this throw blanket of the original 150 Pokemon on Etsy.

The Team Rocket mug on Pokemon Center.

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A Team Rocket Mug If You Want To Also Capture Every Pokemon For Nefarious Deeds

For those who know the anime – and even the games – Team Rocket was basically the bad guys of the Pokemon world. But, sometimes, they could be a little bit misunderstood – at least Jessie and James. If you want to support them in the best way you can, this Team Rocket mug is perfect to sip while you’re thinking of your nefarious deeds that you’re going to do.

Buy this Team Rocket Mug on Pokemon Center.

The Eevee evolution mug on Etsy.

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Or This Cute Mug If All The Eevee-Lutions

Or you can just be like me and get this cute mug that features all the evolutions of Eevee. Definitely adding this to my Christmas list. 

Buy this cute mug full of the Eevee evolutions on Etsy.

An Eevee Funko pop on Amazon.

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Every Pokemon Funko Pop

I can’t even go over how many freaking Pokemon Funko Pops there are. Pikachu, Eevee, Vaporeon, Charizard, Lucario, Bulbasaur – so many. Just type in your favorite Pokemon and I swear there will be a version of it in Funko Pop form. Have at it.

Check out the variety of Pokemon Funko Pops on Amazon.

With the holidays quickly approaching, this is the ultimate list for Pokemon lovers. And maybe now, you just might have found something that will not only please you, but the collectors that you know. Gotta catch ‘em all! Now I’m going to watch all the Pokemon movies I can. 

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