Chicago Fire Just Set Up A Huge Change For Casey In The 200th Episode, And It Needs To Stick

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Spoilers ahead for the 199th episode of Chicago Fire on NBC, called “The Right Thing.”

Chicago Fire is just a week away from hitting its milestone 200th episode, but fans don't have to wait for the big episode to get an idea of the huge change that seems to be in store. After Casey made his visit to see Griffin and Ben Darden in Oregon, he discovered that their situation is rough, and they were going to be put into separate foster homes if they didn’t have a guardian. With a move to Chicago out of the question, Casey had a dramatic realization: to honor his fallen friend from way back in the pilot, he needs to move to Oregon to take care of the boys. And as hard as it would be to lose Jesse Spencer after 200 episodes, I think that needs to stick. 

Casey revealed his idea that he needs to move to Oregon to be with the Darden boys in a conversation with Herrmann after his return to Firehouse 51, when everybody else was sleeping soundly. When Herrmann asked how the trip was, Casey dropped the bombshell: 

The boys aren’t doing so well. They’re alone in the world with no one to help. To lift ‘em up. We’ve always said, any firefighter’s child is every firefighter’s child. Herrmann, I think… I think I have to move to Oregon. Take care of those boys.

Casey just came right out and said what I thought he might say as soon as he promised to go visit Griffin last week, although I thought that Chicago Fire might save any big pronouncements for the actual 200th episode. And the fact that Casey said it this week really leads me to believe that Fire isn’t going to bait-and-switch on this and come up with a miraculous way for Casey to stick around while also taking care of the boys on the other side of the country. It's a bold move, and now that Chicago Fire put it out there, Chicago Fire really needs to stick to its word. 

And as much as it’s hard to imagine a Chicago Fire without Jesse Spencer, is there any more in-character reason why Casey would leave Firehouse 51 without being killed off? The idea of him leaving does raise the question of what it means for Brettsey – would Brett go with him? Would it mean goodbye to Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer? Or will Brett stay behind? Or is this all a false alarm, and Casey isn’t going anywhere at the end of Episode 200? 

I’m inclined to think that this twist is bad news for Brettsey. Brett has a big plot of her own still unfolding, and Chicago Fire has been building up some of her other bonds, like with Mouch and Violet, and even the new paramedic chief. Casey, on the other hand, has fewer strings attached. It seems more likely that even if Jesse Spencer is leaving as Casey, Kara Killmer is sticking around as Brett. Admittedly, this is all speculation at this point. 

And even the thought of Casey having to say goodbye – and fans having to say goodbye to Casey – next week is tough, but Chicago Fire has set it up in a nice way. Herrmann actually summed up my feelings about it as well as possible:

I got to be honest. It breaks my heart to hear you say that, because I know it means you’re leaving 51. But it’s what Andy would’ve wanted.

Plus, if Casey is gone, then that actually opens up an officer spot at Firehouse 51 on Truck for Stella. That’s not necessarily how I wanted Stella to get to become an active officer at the CFD, but it would be a silver lining to losing Casey if that happens. And that scene of Casey walking through 51 before breaking the news to Herrmann was very nostalgic, like it truly was Casey beginning to say goodbye. Throw in the promo for the 200th episode, and fans really might want to prepare for Casey’s farewell. Take a look:

Aside from the novelty of seeing young Casey, short-hair Will Halstead from Chicago Med, and the long-gone Antonio Dawson from Chicago P.D. again in the promo flashbacks, it truly feels like Fire is getting viewers ready to say goodbye to Casey. I will say that I wonder why there was no flashback to Gabby Dawson included. Even though Fire moved on to Brett/Casey, Gabby was still his biggest love interest of the series. I’d love if Fire is hiding a surprise return from Monica Raymund, but it certainly looks like the 200th episode will have plenty happening no matter what.

Watch the 200th episode of Chicago Fire on Wednesday, October 20 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, between Chicago Med at 8 p.m. ET and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET. The show is still crushing in the ratings ten seasons in, so it’s safe to say that plenty of people will be tuning in for the 200-episode milestone. 

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