Cody Rhodes Might Be Coming To WWE A Lot Sooner Than We Thought

Cody Rhodes on the mic in AEW
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Cody Rhodes shocked the pro wrestling world when his expired contract actually resulted in his leaving AEW, the rival organization he'd helped found and turn into a heavy viewership competitor as of late. The news got even more shocking when reports alleged Rhodes might be making a return to WWE, and it appears as if that return is much more assured and could happen sooner than fans expected. 

The latest on the situation came from Sports Illustrated, which is reporting that while his wife Brandi Rhodes will not join the WWE, Cody Rhodes does appear to be officially heading back to his former employers. As for when he might arrive, it’s said he may potentially film segments with the company as early as the very first weekend following his departure from AEW. 

Provided the reports are true, the fact Cody Rhodes is even rumored to be able to work with the WWE mere days after his departure could indicate he is not under a non-compete clause from AEW. If that's the case, it adds credence to PWTorch’s report claiming the WWE already has huge plans for Rhodes’ return. Vince McMahon is reportedly very interested in putting Rhodes on television, and there’s even a chance he’ll be involved at the upcoming WrestleMania 38. 

It'd be an understatement to say it’s not surprising Vince McMahon would move any and all plans, even those already conceived for WrestleMania 38, to incorporate Cody Rhodes into the event. There’s been a lot of talk from insiders pointing out that while McMahon doesn’t like to publicly acknowledge Tony Khan’s AEW as viable competition for the WWE, he’s seemingly intent on making any moves possible that put the WWE ahead of AEW. 2021 wasn’t a good year for that, as the company cut a slew of superstars, and lost a few high-profile talents to AEW. But it's 2022 now, so clean slate, full heart, can't lose.   

With Cody Rhodes’ potential arrival in WWE, it’s fair to say the organization would be landing one of AEW’s biggest names, and as an added bonus, a wrestler with a good deal of company history and a built-in fanbase. Cody Rhodes is a key player in the real-life feud between AEW and WWE, so his return storyline basically writes itself. Wrestling fans, even those who might not watch WWE as of late, will undoubtedly be curious to see how this whole thing plays out. 

It’s unknown at this time whether or not Cody Rhodes will participate in WrestleMania 38, but for the record, there is potential opening for that to happen. Shane McMahon’s alleged firing by WWE reportedly opened up a slot late in the card for another match to happen during the two-day event. It’s hard to imagine the WWE would miss an opportunity to showcase Cody Rhodes in as high-stakes a match as possible if he’s willing to do it.

Cody Rhodes isn’t back with the WWE yet, but fans can catch his greatest past matches with a Peacock premium subscription. Check it out to see why so many are excited about Rhodes' potential return and how differently he might be treated this time around. 

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