Could Ex-Jeopardy Host And EP Mike Richards Make A Comeback? Here’s What The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey Thinks

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Many people across the internet have given their opinion on former Jeopardy! host Mike Richards' firing from the iconic game show. Though few people have offered Richards any advice on what he should do next. While the former executive producer has seemingly disappeared from the public eye, there's still something to consider -- will he be welcomed back with open arms or kept away from game shows forever? Having worked with Richards before, The Price is Right's Drew Carey offered his thoughts on whether the former host could possibly make a comeback.

Drew Carey and Mike Richards worked together on The Price is Right for over a decade, so Carey knows the producer quite well. When asked for his thoughts on what lies ahead for Richards, he stated his belief that a return is possible for Richards. However, he also says that it might not come right away:

He’s going to need some time away from the storm of it all, you know, and then once that dies down, absolutely, he’s young and he’s very talented. He’s a great producer. There’s no doubt about that. His producing skills are amazing, and he’ll have a really good second act, let’s say, or third act whatever you want to call it, and he’s going to have a good future ahead of him. I can’t defend the podcast stuff or anything he did, but he was a really good producer on The Price Is Right.

Given how upbeat Drew Carey typically is, his perspective makes sense, and there's a chance  the advice could actually work for Richards. Because they'e worked so closely together, The Price is Right host would want to give Mike Richards the benefit of the doubt. And of course, the host would seemingly know a different side to Richards that viewers may not be privy to. But unlike Carey, not everyone has glowing thoughts their experiences with the former Jeopardy! host. And while speaking with Daily Blast Live, even the host pointed out that he could not defend Richards’ past words or actions. 

The Mike Richards situation has had its effects on quite a few people. Current Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik finally said her piece on his abrupt departure from the show in an essay. The Big Bang Theory alum walked a delicate line of neutrality while addressing Richards’ controversial past. In her writing, Bialik showed particular concern about the trivia show’s future after Richards’ firing. The actress and TV personality is certainly in an interesting position though, based on her essay, it only seems to be motivating her to work harder at making the show the best it can be.

What lies ahead for Mike Richards following this situation remains to be seen. In terms of Jeopardy!, fans will likely be tuning in to see how Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings handle their hosting duties, until a permanent replacement is found. 

Drew Carey is currently celebrating The Price is Right’s 50th season, which airs weekdays at 11 a.m. Et on CBS.

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