Dog The Bounty Hunter Was ‘Completely Flabbergasted’ By Late Wife Beth Chapman On New Show

Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman in Dog's Most Wanted Trailer

It’s clearly been a rough road for Dog Chapman since his beloved wife of 13 years, Beth Chapman, died of throat cancer in June of this year. During her time fighting the disease, Beth bravely allowed cameras into her life for their new reality show Dog’s Most Wanted, and Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman now says he was “completely flabbergasted” by the experience.

During a recent interview related to the Dog’s Most Wanted premiere, Duane Chapman says it was her decision to remain on-camera for as long as she did during her fight with cancer. He even told her she didn’t need to going through it in front of the cameras, but per Dog, Beth told him:

She goes, 'Listen, I'm showing it, Big Daddy.’ It wasn't me that wanted to show some of the stuff... Some of the stuff she let them in the room to see, I was completely flabbergasted, and I'd never spoke to her about it because I didn't want to get her upset.

Still, according to what Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman told ET, all of her cancer fight being shown on TV wasn’t something that made him super comfortable, although he did accept that it was his wife’s choice.

I would stand back and watch behind the camera, when the camera's pointing, and thinking, 'Dear God, I would not do this.' There's no way I would have done that. I would have, you know, 'Rest in peace, see you later.’

She chose to document her final days, and so Dog Chapman says he plans to watch them and honor his late wife, who ultimately passed away after being put in a medically-induced coma back in June. She was only 51 at the time of her death.

Dog has previously made it clear that before Dog’s Most Wanted premiered it was too early and he wasn’t feeling up to sitting down and watching the show. He’s been open about his emotions and about feeling lonely since he lost his partner, and he’s been pretty open with the media about those feelings as well.

I have not looked at none of these shows. I looked at the first show a little bit, but at that time, I wasn’t able to handle it. So when everyone sees it Wednesday, I get to see it. First time.

He noted he has plans to watch the show when it hits the schedule on WGN America, surrounded by family and friends.

Losing someone to cancer is hard but Dog Chapman also says he understands “why victims of tragedies become advocates” and that’s what’s propelling him to move forward and to watch Beth go through her final journey once more.

Ultimately, due to subject matter, Dog’s Most Wanted won’t be an easy watch early on, and may hit close to home for some families and viewers, but it was Beth’s choice to appear on the small screen before her death.

That “Dog days are coming,” actually starting this week. Dog’s Most Wanted will officially hit the schedule at 9 p.m. ET on September 4 as part of this fall’s premieres.

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