Fans Are Shocked By Simon Cowell's New Appearance, But He's Been Open About His Weight Loss Journey For Awhile

After decades in the entertainment industry, Simon Cowell remains one of its most prominent media personalities. The British producer has been widely known to the world at large since he joined American Idol in the early 2000s and developed his (faux) “rude judge” persona. While much of the public continues to watch him on TV, others have taken to social media recently to share their thoughts on something that doesn’t pertain to his work. Some fans seem shocked over Cowell’s appearance and some have shared some less-than-positive remarks while weighing in. However, this connected to his weight loss journey, which he’s been open about before. 

What People Are Currently Saying About Simon Cowell On Social Media

Commentators took to Twitter to share thoughts about Simon Cowell’s outward appearance, and they seem to be using different ways to illustrate any differences they find. One user posted two images, one showing the 63-year-old TV presenter as he appears today and another snapshot that was presumably taken of him years ago

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Unfortunately, some of the posts are also somewhat snarky in how they reference the America’s Got Talent alum. Another commentator weighed in on his appearance by making a joke at his expense: 

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There are plenty of other individuals across social media who are sharing thoughts on the man’s looks. Despite that, there are some that may be aware that the music producer has been making changes when it comes to his health. And there’s quite a bit of information available on the matter. 

Simon Cowell Changed His Diet And Is Getting More Physical Activity

Simon Cowell has been putting in some serious work to ensure that he remains in good shape. Over the past couple of years, he’s lost over 60 pounds, as noted by Fabbon. Cowell reportedly accomplished this by cutting a number of things from his diet. The aforementioned website mentions that he no longer consumes dairy, sugar, red meat or gluten. As a result, salads, fruits and vegetables have since become part of his go-to meals. When discussing the key to improving one’s eating habits, Cowell said: 

If you are on a diet you have to keep the food sensible, but it’s got to be interesting and tasty, then the diet’s surprisingly easy.

Simon Cowell tends to be pretty vicarious when it comes to his physical activities, though that can sometimes come with pitfalls. Cowell notably broke his back in 2020 due to an accident involving an electric bike. He swiftly underwent a five-hour surgery and eventually recovered, though he injured himself during another e-bike snafu earlier this year. Despite the setbacks, the initial situation resulted in Cowell taking up walking as part of his recovery. The former X-Factor producer continues to do so now and also takes the occasional bike ride as well, possibly to his young son’s chagrin.

So fans may want to keep Simon Cowell’s health journey in mind before they consider commenting on his appearance. After all, most of us would probably agree that, in any case, it’s best not to participate in body-shaming of any kind.

Erik Swann
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