FBI: Most Wanted Used Hana's Traumatic Episode To Honor Jess LaCroix, And Keisha Castle-Hughes Crushed It

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Hana in FBI: Most Wanted
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Warning: spoilers ahead for the fifth episode of FBI: Most Wanted Season 4, called “Chains.”

FBI: Most Wanted put Hana through the wringer (and back again) in “Chains,” after her attempt to help a young girl resulted in her being kidnapped by some very bad people. While the rest of the Task Force frantically tried to find help in locating her, Hana managed to overcome a blow to the head, repeated drugging, and chains to not only escape her captors, but also rescue a sexually abused 12-year-old girl and infant. Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes absolutely crushed “Chains” from start to finish, including Hana’s final reveal that honored the late Jess LaCroix

In fact, Keisha Castle-Hughes crushed “Chains” so hard that it was almost hard to watch in light of what her kidnappers said was in store for her. If they’d had their way, she would have been repeatedly raped on camera and never rescued, with young Ollie continuing to be sexually assaulted on camera as well. Luckily, Hana proved to be an expert at low-tech escapes as well as repurposing devices to make a break for it. 

Both she and Ollie might not be able to just bounce back from their experiences, but the ordeal left Hana thinking about how Jess had helped her once upon a time, and what his advice could do to help the young girl. After spending most of the episode framing a recovery story as if it had happened to her sister Casey, Hana came clean in a speech about finding ways to recover and use their pain to help others. She told Ollie: 

I know this is a choice you can make, because I made this choice, Ollie. The story I’m telling you about Casey, it’s not about her. It’s about me. When I was 23, a man hurt me really badly, and I used my computer to get back at him, but I got caught. Someone stepped in, my friend Jess, and he gave me a choice. I could face the charges or work one case with the FBI. That was nine years ago. Using my pain for good changed everything.

Hana didn’t go into detail about what the man had done to her, but told Ollie that even though it wasn’t what she had gone through with her abusive parents, “it was pretty bad.” While she couldn’t tell Ollie that the pain ever goes away, her speech about her friend Jess giving her a choice clearly helped the young girl.  

Jess of course died back in Season 3 when FBI: Most Wanted wrote out actor Julian McMahon, who wanted to move in some different directions in his career. Most Wanted took its time in letting Jess’ former teammates mourn before bringing in Dylan McDermott’s Remy Scott as the new leader. “Chains” was much more about Hana going through a terrible trauma while still saving herself and two others, but the mention of Jess helped end the episode on an emotional but hopeful note. Even though he died, his influence is still helping those he left behind. 

All things considered, “Chains” showcased Keisha Castle-Hughes in a way that leaves me hoping for more Hana-centric episodes, although maybe not cases that put her through hell personally again. She was missing from Most Wanted for some time before returning and taking her place back on the team, where she and Barnes are now the only remaining members who have been on board from the start. 

Remy’s relationship with Hana doesn’t go back quite as far as Barnes’ does, but he showed a lot of fire in his desperation to get her back after they’d bonded back in Season 3. Even newcomer Ray Cannon (played by Chicago Fire alum Edwin Hodge after Most Wanted said goodbye to Miguel Gomez's Ivan Ortiz) was putting everything he had into finding her. Ray is also Hana’s newest roommate, so it should be interesting to see if Hana continues dealing with her trauma at home. 

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