FBI: Most Wanted's Task Force Needs Help After Hana's Kidnapping In First Look At New Episode

FBI: Most Wanted has gone through a lot of changes since returning for Season 4, and the season isn’t even half over just yet. The Task Force will have to face a different kind of case in the new episode on October 18, called “Chains,” as one of their own is in serious danger. Hana will be kidnapped, and the team will run into some serious problems in trying to find her. In a first look at the episode (seen above), the team realizes just how much they need help in getting her back. Check it out! 

Unfortunately for the team, the help that they desperately need to find Hana is actually Hana’s help, as nobody can work the FBI tech magic quite like she can. Remy and Co. make some progress in finding clues to where she is, but they just can’t do it as quickly as she would be able to. Still, they’re clearly all-in on pulling out all the stops to get their fellow agent back, and all signs point toward an intense episode that viewers won’t want to miss. 

Interestingly, Remy opened the clip by mentioning that he’d just talked to Isobel, who of course is played on a regular basis by Alana de la Garza over on FBI. That’s not to say that viewers should necessarily expect the actress to appear, but the mention of Isobel is another sign of how the three FBI shows on CBS are able to tie to each other even without crossovers. 

The episode description for “Chains” from CBS reveals that the problems start at a rest stop when Hana tries to help a young girl, played by Evil’s Dalya Knapp. Her trip to Connecticut to see her sister goes wrong when the agent is kidnapped, leading the team to do everything in their power to try and find her. The Task Force has gone through a lot over the last season, not the least of which was losing Jess and getting used to Remy as their new leader when he came with his own baggage. This may have been the last thing they needed!

Fortunately for their chances of finding Hana, they have all hands on deck. Barnes has returned from her maternity leave (which was included in Most Wanted for actress Roxy Sternberg to take her real-life maternity leave), and Special Agent Ray Cannon (played by Chicago Fire alum Edwin Hodge) is fitting right in as the replacement for Miguel Gomez’s Ivan Ortiz, whose absence was explained by in the Season 4 premiere. Plus, who’s to say that Hana won’t have a hand in saving herself, even without all of the tech toys that she usually uses to work her magic?

Tune in to CBS on Tuesday, October 18 at 10 p.m. ET to catch the “Chains” episode of FBI: Most Wanted Season 4. The episode follows FBI: International at 9 p.m. and FBI at 8 p.m. International has incorporated a new cast member as well with Eve-Jane Willis coming in to play Europol liaison Megan “Smitty” Garretson, while the original series is still dealing with an absence. Missy Peregrym remains absent as Agent Maggie Bell, and actor Zeeko Zaki has previewed why fans should be excited for OA and Maggie’s reunion. You can find all three FBI shows streaming with a Paramount+ subscription now.

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