Glee's Chris Colfer Seemingly Admits To Issues With Lea Michele When Asked About Funny Girl

Left Chris Colfer in Season 6 of Glee and Right Lea Michele in Season 6 of Glee
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Much like a lot of Glee stars, Chris Colfer seems to have issues with Lea Michele. As the actress made her return to Broadway in Funny Girl the response from her former co-workers is mixed. Now, Colfer, who played Kurt on the musical show, has spoken about his feelings regarding his co-star and if he will see her show on Broadway.

This all went down when Colfer appeared as a guest on The Michelle Collins Show. The host asked the actor if he’d be seeing Funny Girl while he was in New York City. Colfer responded by saying his “day just got full,” and then he mentioned that he had seen the musical Six the night before and loved it. Collins then asked again if he’d be seeing it, and Colfer told her (via EW): 

No, I can be triggered at home.

Colfer is not the first to respond like this when asked about Michele. Two years ago Samantha Ware spoke out saying while she was on Glee the actress behind Rachel Berry made her first job “a living hell.” And she called Michele out for “traumatic microaggressions.” After that more cast members, including Heather Morris, spoke out against the actress. Morris played Brittany Pierce in every season and said that the Funny Girl star “should be called out.” 

Not long after all of this, Michele issued an apology. Before Michele took the stage as Fanny earlier this summer, she did mention her past. In an interview with NYT she noted that the “pressure of perfectionism” left her with “a lot of blind spots.” 

In the years that followed Michele being called out, she wasn’t seen in much, until this summer. She was announced as Beanie Feldstein’s replacement in the revival of Funny Girl on Broadway. 

The article noted that Kevin McHale, who played Artie Abrams in all six seasons of Glee, hasn't talked to Michele in a while. He also said he has not really thought about seeing Funny Girl, but hadn’t ruled it out. Meanwhile, Jenna Ushkowitz, who played Tina Cohen-Chang in every season of Glee said while she wants to see the show she has not talked to its lead about it. 

While quite a few Glee stars have said they are no longer in contact with and don’t plan on seeing Michele, others have gone to see her belt her heart out on Broadway. Jonathan Groff, who starred in Spring Awakening and Glee with Michele is a very good friend of hers, and he was at her opening night for Funny Girl, along with Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee

Also, Darren Criss, who played Blaine Anderson on Glee has been to see Michele in Funny Girl. The two have remained friends in the years following the Fox musical show. The actress even attended his wedding in New Orleans along with a few other Glee stars. 

While many Glee stars likely won’t see their former co-star on Broadway, her show has been getting good reviews. While Colfer likely won't be seeing his former co-star on the stage, you can catch Funny Girl currently on Broadway, and you can watch all six seasons of Glee with a Disney+ subscription

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