Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd Talks 'Big, Big Problems' Ahead For Owen And Teddy

Owen Hunt talks to Teddy Altman on Grey's Anatomy.
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Owen Hunt may have survived the accident that sent his vehicle sliding down a cliff, but Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 18 winter premiere “No Time to Die” showed that it’s going to be far from an easy road for the trauma surgeon. Owen’s confession to Cormac Hayes that he helped his terminally ill veteran patient Noah die ultimately forced Cormac to leave Grey-Sloan Memorial, and Owen’s wife Teddy Altman knew something was up. Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, said the newlywed couple is in for some “big, big problems.” 

In the Season 18 winter finale, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” back in December, Owen thought he was going to die, prompting him to tell Cormac about Noah and ask Cormac to fulfill the promise he’d made to help three other veterans end their lives. Teddy knew something extreme must have happened to make Cormac quit, and when she learns what Owen has done (which she will), her family and career will be on the line as well. Kevin McKidd spoke to People about what Owen’s big secret means for him and Teddy for the rest of this season.

You have to go through the correct protocols and Owen is not exactly going through the correct protocols, the way he's been handling this. He's kind of not just broken the rules, but he's also put his own family, and Teddy, and everybody kind of in jeopardy if it ever came out. And that causes big, big problems for him and Teddy.

Cormac’s knowledge of what Owen was doing made him an accessory to the crime — a fact that scared the single dad so badly that he said he was leaving the country to not be at risk of jail time. Owen’s actions — whether morally right or wrong — didn’t go through the proper channels, and therefore put Teddy at risk as well. 

Owen and Teddy have two kids (Leo and Allison), so that theoretically puts them in the same situation as Cormac in running the risk that their kids would be left parentless if both surgeons go to prison. Kevin McKidd said we’ll see Teddy get justifiably upset that Owen made such a big decision on his own.

It will take some time for them to work through, because rightfully, Teddy is like, 'Why are you doing this without even consulting me, your wife?' Which is, again, a very valid point. So we'll see that coming unraveling as this season progresses.

Owen and Teddy may be headed for some rough waters, but the Grey’s Anatomy winter premiere promised that lots of romance is in store for the rest of Season 18 from the hospital’s other couples. Amelia and Kai continued to grow closer (which I was definitely hoping to see), while Link took things to a new level with formerly platonic BFF Jo. Nick Marsh, for his part, made an appearance in Seattle, showing up for some more sexy time with Meredith. Thursdays are once again complete, now that Grey’s is back!

Grey’s Anatomy will continue at 9 p.m. ET Thursday, March 3, on ABC. Check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see the premiere dates for other new and returning shows.

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