Following The Meredith Relationship Implosion, Grey's Anatomy's McWidow Talks Where His Love Life Is Heading In Season 18

When Richard Flood was introduced to the Grey’s Anatomy loyal in Season 16, it was a foregone conclusion that his Cormac Hayes would end up in a relationship with Meredith Grey. The pointedly nicknamed “McWidow” was apparently sent to Seattle as a gift to Meredith from none other than Cristina Yang, and who are we to question Cristina’s intentions for Meredith? But two seasons later, fans have yet to see Hayes develop much of a romance with Meredith — or anyone else, for that matter. 

To note, Season 17 saw Hayes asking Meredith out just before he found her unconscious in the hospital parking lot. Meredith spent most of the rest of the season fighting a touch-and-go battle with COVID — which included an on-screen reunion with Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd.

Yet, Richard Flood has reason to think Season 18 might just be his time, and he’s got some good logic working for him. Flood spoke with EW about why he is more likely to find love now than in last season.

I think it's pretty clear that McWidow and Grey have a strong connection, a strong flirtation. I think last season was difficult, obviously, because she was in a coma. So it was impossible to explore the relationship any further except in his reaction to her being in a coma.

Yes indeed, both parties in the relationship being conscious would have been a more ideal way to start a relationship. Apparently they did give it a go -- and spoilers if you aren't caught up -- as Season 18 opened with the revelation that the two had begun dating, only to see Hayes break it off when his son developed severe anxiety after seeing his dad dating again. That doesn’t seem to mean that McWidow is going to become McCelibate, though. 

The chemistry is definitely still there between Hayes and Meredith, even as a new Minnesota-based love interest has presented itself in Scott Speedman’s Nick Marsh. But might Hayes also be developing some interest in Owen Hunt’s sister? Abigail Spencer is back as Megan Hunt for Grey’s Anatomy’s 18th season — single at that, as she revealed she and Nathan Riggs broke up. Now that Megan has enlisted Hayes’ help with her ailing son Farouk, will Hayes move in a different direction, or should we hold out hope for Meredith? Richard Flood wasn’t ready to commit to either scenario.

These are adult relationships and they're complicated and timing is often very tricky, very difficult. And these characters are always being pulled in so many different directions. There will always be obstacles in the way. And then new characters are introduced, such as Megan comes in, and perhaps there may be a spark there. I mean, it all just depends on where they want the story to go. So I don't know, it could build in many different directions.

Richard Flood’s mention of timing and complicated relationships makes me hesitant to shut the door on Meredith and McWidow’s relationship just yet, even though I’m fully Team McTransplant or whatever we’re calling Nick Marsh. All of this talk about Hayes’ potential love life is assuming everybody involved stays alive and conscious — not something to be taken for granted as Grey’s Anatomy prepares for a deadly crossover with Station 19 on November 11. 

While it’s not made clear which show is losing one (or more?) characters, the promo's foreboding claims that “not everyone will survive” and the episode descriptions seem to hint that the death will be a Station 19 member. Grey’s Anatomy airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursdays on ABC, following Station 19 at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to check out our 2021 TV Schedule for premieres through the end of the year.

Heidi Venable
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