How The Conners Is Bringing Christopher Lloyd's Roseanne Character Back For New Episode

Lou on Roseanne Season 10
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When The Conners opts to go all in on reprising a character from the Roseanne years, fans usually get to enjoy someone they hadn’t seen in this universe since the flagship series’ run in the ‘80s and ‘90s. After all, everybody loves a deep cut return like Danielle Harris’ Molly, even if the show sometimes kills those deep cuts off for one reason or another. But an upcoming episode is skewing a bit closer to the present by bringing back a character from Roseanne’s most recent season, as Hollywood legend Christopher Lloyd will once again take on the role he debuted four years ago.

That date isn’t so a vague an approximation, either. Christopher Lloyd first took on the role of Lou, boyfriend of Roseanne and Jackie’s mother Beverly, back in the episode “No Country for Old Women,” which aired on May 1, 2018. Lloyd’s next appearance as Lou will be in The Conners’ episode “The Best Laid Plans, A Contrabassoon and A Sinking Feeling,” which will air on ABC on May 4. Considering the actor’s connection to one of the biggest film franchises tied to the concept of time, it feels kismet-y that he’ll be back in Lanford, Illinois for an anniversary. 

Lou seemingly won’t be involved in any kind of romantic relationship in the new episode, though the title does foreshadow how Christopher Lloyd’s character will factor into the story. Lou will get invested in a Battle for the Ages — or is it a Battle of Much Different Ages — when he goes head to head with Ames McNamara’s Mark as the teen’s contrabassoon teacher. The most common type of character on TV for 40 years running, I think. (Not really.) 

After things tense up with Mark, John Goodman’s Dan inserts himself into the equation, according to Deadline, but instead of finding himself purely at odds with Lou, he finds they have more in common then he expected. With any luck, that situation will play out as hilariously as things did when Dan met Aldo’s dad Jesse, as played with perfection by The Eagles’ Joe Walsh.

Check out the first look at a more studious Lou below..

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Elsewhere in the episode, Darlene is apparently already going to be going through even more hardships and stress, even after only just securing good news at her job via a new raise. Things will apparently take a downward turn during the construction process in these next few episodes, and after a rather serious accident occurs, Darlene has to reassess her entire situation in order to make a choice that could change everything for her life. No biggie, right?

Despite being the ripe, young age of 83, Christopher Lloyd is seemingly as busy as he’s ever been in his career. In 2021 alone, he popped up in Bob Odenkirk’s Nobody, Ben Affleck’s The Tender Bar, opposite William Shatner and Jean Smart in Senior Moment, and with Ellen Burstyn in Queen Bees. Not to mention playing a train conductor in Hallmark’s Next Stop, Christmas. His latest feature effort to make the news rounds is the Spirit Halloween movie that’s heading to theaters and/or streaming services later in 2022, but he’ll also be seen in other features such as Tankhouse, Super Athlete, Camp Hideout and Man & Witch. Christopher Lloyd can’t stop, won’t stop delivering features.  Oh yeah, and that itty-bitty project known as The Mandalorian Season 3, which will utilize the actor for its premiere, and possibly more. 

Christopher Lloyd won’t be back in this universe until Star Wars Day, May 4, but The Conners airs new episodes on ABC every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET, with the Season 4 finale coming on May 18.

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