How The Masked Singer Paid Tribute To Leslie Jordan After His Death At 67

Leslie Jordan on The Masked Singer on Fox
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 7 episode “Hall Of Fame.” Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer always delivers a great time when guest panelists join the judges, but there was obviously something a little bittersweet about the latest episode. Leslie Jordan returned to fill in as a guest panelist after Ken Jeong was out due to COVID, and made his latest appearance on television not long after his untimely death just a couple of weeks ago. The series paid tribute to the departed actor Call Me Kat actor appropriately, in what was a rare solemn moment for the typically joyful singing competition. 

While the rest of the episode proceeded as normal, the beginning was prefaced by a title card honoring Leslie Jordan. Take a look at the message below, which also featured a picture of Jordan:

Leslie Jordan title card on Fox

(Image credit: Fox)

Leslie Jordan made a grand entrance via chariot - how else? - and took his spot on the panel. He was later joined by Joel McHale, in what was a rare night where there were two guest panelists on The Masked Singer. In fairness, this was “Hall of Fame” night, and Jordan and McHale are unquestionably two of the best guest panelists to appear on the show regularly. or in any capacity. 

As far as guesses are concerned, Leslie Jordan was on the right track with Venus Flytrap. His guess of Mike Tyson was in the right ballpark, but it was actually former boxing champion George Foreman underneath the mask. His guess of rapper Flava Flav on Gopher wasn’t quite as good, as that ended up being funk legend George Clinton instead. In the end, Jordan didn’t guess any of the identities of the participants, but he did keep fans laughing along the way with his signature quips and charm. 

Leslie Jordan passed away on Monday, October 24th after he crashed his BMW into the side of a building. It’s suspected that Jordan suffered some sort of medical event which led to the crash, and TMZ recently reported that he had a scheduled appointment with a cardiologist that was set to take place the week following his death. Jordan was 67 at the time of his passing, so it stands to reason he would have spent many more years entertaining fans under different circumstances. 

There’s no denying Leslie Jordan will be missed on The Masked Singer, as he was a frequent guest panelist on the program, causing some issues for his Call Me Kat co-star Cheyenne Jackson, who had to dodge the Southern gent when filming that show. 

CinemaBlend can confirm Jordan will not appear again during the remainder of Season 8, so it stands to reason this was his final appearance on the singing competition. Thankfully, it was one where audiences got to see plenty of him, and will be able to hold onto the memory of why he was such a beloved actor who often popped up in equally beloved movies and tv shows

The Masked Singer airs on Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 8 is just flying by, so be sure to check out our list of revealed contestants to keep tabs on who has appeared this season, and catch up on episodes with a Hulu subscription

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