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The Masked Singer Season 8 Reveals

The Masked Singer host and panel on Fox
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Spoiler Alert: This article contains reveals from Season 8 of The Masked Singer. Proceed with caution if you're not caught up on the latest episode! 

A new season of The Masked Singer is here, and it’s a season unlike any we’ve seen before. Fans will need to be at the top of their game when it comes to guesses, as only one contestant will advance in each episode while the rest are unmasked. That means there won’t be as much time to guess some contestants, and a lot more chances you’ll completely miss some of The Masked Singer’s Season 8 reveals if you miss an episode. 

Hey, there are a lot of great shows on the 2022 TV schedule, so it’s totally understandable that even diehard superfans will miss an episode or two. Consider this a premiere source for all of the season’s big reveals as far as who is under the masks, and some speculation about the identities of those who haven’t been revealed yet. 

The Knight on The Masked Singer

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The Knight: William Shatner 

The Knight absolutely wins the award for the most inventive costume of The Masked Singer Season 8, even if his voice wasn’t up to par. His take on Fred Astaire’s “Puttin' On The Ritz” was inspired and very unique, and it was made clear why that was the case when his mask came off. 

Once the helmet was off, it was entirely clear why The Knight was singing with such a distinct speech pattern. It was none other than Star Trek actor William Shatner, who is known for his unique way of speaking and singing. He’s also known for actually going to space, which made that clue of the solar system a double whammy. 

The Hedgehog on The Masked Singer

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The Hedgehog: Eric Idle 

The Hedgehog failed to impress with his rendition of The Beatles' “Love Me Do,” though in any other season, he’d have made it much further than the first episode. Ultimately his singing wasn’t on par with The Harp, and despite having fans like Elon Musk and being a contestant who serenaded the queen, it wasn’t enough to keep him on The Masked Singer

The Hedgehog’s mask came off, and stunned the fans and some of the panel when they learned it was Monty Python’s Eric Idle. Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy instantly identified the snake in the clue package as a Monty Python reference and noted that his voice was unmistakable (though Idle once failed to recognize one of his own co-star’s voice at Disney World). Idle won’t be on any future episodes, though I’m sure he’s still looking on the “bright side of life” all the same.

The Hummingbird on The Masked Singer

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The Hummingbird: Chris Kirkpatrick 

The Hummingbird flew into The Masked Singer with a solid rendition of Gavin Degraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be.” Their voice is kind of surprising considering all the clues that point to them being an athlete, though The Masked Singer can be deceptive from time to time. 

Hummingbird ultimately missed out on making the cut after losing the panel and audience vote to The Harp, but The Masked Singer kept their identity under wraps. There have been rumors that Tom Brady participated in Season 8, but The Hummingbird’s voice didn’t really match him even if the football clues did. Brady’s friend Rob Gronkowski was once on the show, but alas, it wasn't TB12. 

Instead, it was NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick, who somehow eluded being guessed by the other judges. Kirkpatrick enjoyed his time on The Masked Singer, as short-lived as it was, and definitely could've gone further had it been a season operating under the past rules.

The Panther in The Masked Singer

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The Panther: Montell Jordan

The Panther emerged as an immediate contender in The Masked Singer, and one that could give The Harp a run for her money. Unfortunately, he came up short in the Battle Royale, after a rousing rendition of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild." 

The mask came off, and it was none other than singer Montell Jordan. Jordan shared some details about what he's been up to since his hit "This Is How We Do It," including being the victim of a death hoax in 2012. The singer and now-pastor has a lot going on, but showed the audience he still knows how to get down with a performance of his hit song. 

Pi-Rat in The Masked Singer

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Pi-Rat: Jeff Dunham

Pi-Rat arrived on The Masked Singer stage with the most unique costume we've seen this season, but that's about the most positive thing that can be said about the performance. His performance of Elton John's "Crocodile Rock," was spirited for sure, but not the best, musically speaking. He did have a great command of the stage, however, which was thanks in part to the miniature rat singing on top of his treasure chest. 

Pi-Rat was, predictably, the first to go in the episode. The mask came off, and it was none other than famous comedian and puppeteer, Jeff Dunham. Guest panelist and former contestant Donny Osmond was able to peg him immediately, and I'm sure a few folks at home were able to as well. I mean, c'mon, how many people would go out on stage with a puppet?

The Mummies on The Masked Singer on Fox

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The Mummies: Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland

The Mummies brought out a blast from the past with their performance of “The Monkees Theme Song” by The Monkees, but modified the lyrics to fit their look. It was cool to see the Mummies sing and stumble around the stage, but unfortunately, that didn’t account for much in the vote. The Mummies were unmasked first in their episode and revealed as Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland, also known as Greg, Peter, and Bobby on The Brady Bunch! Quite a fitting reveal on TV theme night!

Fortune Teller on The Masked Singer on Fox

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Fortune Teller: Daymond John 

Fortune Teller threw the panel for a loop with his dancing clues at first, save Ken Jeong. Luckily, the panel didn’t have to struggle for long as The Harp managed to outlast The Masked Singer Season 8 competition once again in the Battle Royale despite his serviceable performance of “Movin On Up” from The Jeffersons this week (his Full House theme performance was pretty weak in fairness). The mask came off and it was the business mogul and Shark Tank’s own Daymond John. Definitely a curveball on classic TV theme night, but a welcome one all the same!

The Harp in The Masked Singer on Fox

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The Harp: Unknown

The Harp strutted out on stage with style and grace, and it’s easy to see how they survived the first episode with that voice. Harp stunned with their rendition of Pink’s “Perfect,” but we still don’t know who they are. 

One thing we do know from their clue package is that they auditioned for a big show as a child, but ultimately didn’t “fit the mold.” It was also mentioned they found success later in life with some big leading roles, and a security guard was seen with a hat that looked similar to the Scarecrow’s in The Wizard Of Oz. The panel guessed Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, and Jennifer Hudson, but we’ll have to wait and see who it is. 

The Masked Singer Season 8 airs on Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see who wins this season’s Golden Mask trophy, and to see if Ken Jeong has a luckier streak with guessing than he has had in past seasons. 

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