Is Station 19 Building To A Deadly Tragedy With Beckett In The Fall Finale Crossover Event?

Spoiler alert! This story discusses the Station 19 Season 6 episode “Pick Up the Pieces,” so consider yourself warned!

Sean Beckett has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way since taking over as captain on Station 19. Robert Sullivan and Maya Bishop both aired their grievances to Fire Chief Natasha Ross, but their motivations could always have been seen as opportunistic. The past two episodes, however, have featured Theo Ruiz taking a stand against the captain, and I think the firefighter drama could be setting us up for a big tragedy in next week’s fall finale crossover with Grey’s Anatomy

Whereas Robert (Boris Kodjoe) and Maya (Danielle Savre) had their own motivations for trying to get Beckett’s captaincy taken away, Theo (Carlos Miranda) comes from a place of experience. He knows what it’s like to make a mistake that costs one of his brothers his life. In the previous episode we saw him stand up to Beckett (new season regular Josh Randall) directly over his lack of leadership and his bullying of Maya. In the November 3 episode, “Pick Up the Pieces,” he went a step further, telling Natasha (Merle Dandridge): 

19 is my home now. It’s my family, and I refuse to see it at risk because of a captain who has no interest in seeing us united. … I don’t want to go through it again. I don’t want to lose anyone else. I’m not saying he’s a bad firefighter, okay? I’m not. But he’s a crap leader, and in this house, when everyone has big personalities and big opinions, we need a leader. I don’t like coming to you, but I got a bad feeling.

Well, now I have a bad feeling too. I don’t feel like they’d be hammering home Beckett’s poor leadership skills — with all of his near-misses to boot — if they weren’t building to something terrible. 

It’s not just Theo’s warning that seems to be pointing in that direction, either. Earlier in the season, we saw Maya gift Beckett a bottle of his favorite alcohol — clearly a move to sabotage him, after he was already suspected of drinking on the job. Jaina Lee Ortiz, who plays Andy Herrera, also teased that this season would see dark times for Beckett, saying to TV Guide

Captain Beckett is falling back into his addiction…We haven't really gone in-depth with his alcoholism and I think this season we get to explore that.

To put a nice, little bow on all the reasons that point to impending tragedy, the trailer for the November 10 fall finale crossover actually says, “Tragedy strikes one of our own.” Check out the full promo below: 

It’s true that the preview doesn’t specify if tragedy will strike during Station 19 or Grey’s Anatomy, but whether Beckett’s situation comes to a head in the fall finale or later in Season 6, there are too many signs to ignore the fact that something ugly is coming. Tune in for Station 19’s fall finale at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, November 10, on ABC, and be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what premieres are coming up. 

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