Station 19’s Jaina Lee Ortiz Reveals Andy Will Find Some Sexy Light Amidst The Darkness Plaguing The Firefighters This Season

Jaina Lee Ortiz on Station 19.
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Station 19 seems to love to throw its firefighters into the deepest pits of despair to watch them try to crawl out of them. We saw it in Season 5, with Andy Herrera being arrested for murder after she defended herself against a sexual assault, and we’re seeing it again this season, as Maya Bishop, Jack Gibson, and Sean Beckett continue spiraling, despite Andy’s efforts to unite the firehouse. It seems the darkness may have passed for Andy, though, as Jaina Lee Ortiz revealed that romance will find her character in Season 6, even amidst all the tragedy.

Andy has definitely been showing more leadership at Seattle’s Station 19 than most of her counterparts, and while Jaina Lee Ortiz told TV Guide her character could be putting herself in position for captaincy again, it sounds like some sexy time is also in store for Andy. Ortiz said: 

I don't know if it's a recurring love or a new love, but I will tell you she finds herself in an unexpected love triangle.

The actress didn’t give any hints as to who her character is in that triangle with. Despite Andy’s history with Jack (Grey Damon), it’s unlikely they’re in the same place right now, stability-wise, and the same goes for Beckett (Josh Randall). She has, however, been getting along pretty famously with Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe). Jaina Lee Ortiz said Andy is enjoying the easy bond she and her ex-husband have formed, so she’s “not jumping too fast to get back with him romantically.” (Although that doesn’t sound like a denial to me!)

It sounds like the dark times are here to stay for her friends — at least for a while — as Jack continues to reel from hard truths he learned about his biological family, and Maya (Danielle Savre) is suffering the consequences in both her personal and professional life of trying to blackmail Fire Chief Natasha Ross (new series regular Merle Dandridge) into making her captain again. Maya pulled a pretty evil move in sabotaging Beckett’s sobriety, and Jaina Lee Ortiz confirmed these guys are going to go through it, saying: 

Jack is in a really rough place. Captain Beckett is falling back into his addiction…We haven't really gone in-depth with his alcoholism and I think this season we get to explore that. Everyone is in sort of a really dark place and Andy has reached her cap of dark places. It's time to lend a hand and take care of her people.

While parts of the October 20 episode “Dancing with Our Hands Tied” made it look like Jack and Maya might be ready to ascend their pits of despair, that may have been wishful thinking on my part, as the Andy actress gave a pretty bleak prognosis. In her words:  

Jack is a straight-up hot mess right now. There is hope amongst the house, but it is not looking good, friend. And if you think it's dark with Jack, wait until you get a load of the darkness that Maya falls in.

I can’t say this is the foreshadowing that viewers want to hear, particularly “Marina” fans, who are waiting impatiently for Station 19 to reveal if Carina is pregnant. Whatever happens, it sounds like some juicy drama, so catch the next episode on ABC at 8 p.m. ET Thursday, October 27, and check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what else is coming up.

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