Grey's Anatomy: 4 Takeaways From Meredith's Trip To Boston, Jackson's Return And More Before The Fall Finale

Ellen Pompeo and Aniela Gumbs on Grey's Anatomy.
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Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy’s November 3 episode “When I Get to the Border,” so proceed with caution if you’re not caught up!

Grey’s Anatomy viewers knew going into Season 19 that we’d be seeing less of Meredith Grey this season, and “When I Get to the Border” just showed us why. Jesse Williams returned to not just guest star in this episode, but also to direct, and what an episode it was, jam-packed with emotional stories and some real game-changers for the characters. And not just for Meredith! Let’s take a look at some huge developments that went down in the November 3 episode, which certainly set the stage for a wild fall finale next week. 

Meredith Grey Is Joining Jackson Avery In Boston 

Fans thought they’d figured out why Meredith would leave Seattle, and they were right. Upon learning that her daughter Zola (Aniela Gumbs) is gifted, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) embarked on a quest to find a better school for her. It just so happened that Zola fit right into a school in Boston. But in a twist we didn’t quite see coming, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) also offered his old friend a job trying to cure Alzheimer’s. First Parkinson’s, now Alzheimer’s? Meredith is literally going places, and honoring a passion of her late husband Derek Shepherd in the process.

Amelia Learned That The Interns Think She’s Sleeping With Her Nephew 

Speaking of Derek Shepherd, his favorite nephew Lucas Adams (Niko Terho) is about to have his secret exposed. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) found out that Lucas is letting the other interns believe they’re sleeping together, rather than tell him they’re related. What’s worse is the way she found out, with Blue Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) propositioning her in order to get more surgeries. Eww. Amelia gave Lucas three days to come clean, or she’ll do it for him — and honestly, that’s more generous than he deserved. Everything is about to change for Lucas once the other first-years find out he’s a Shepherd

Catherine Fox Is Hiding Something From Jackson And Richard 

Along with Jesse Williams, “When I Get to the Border” welcomed back Greg Germann as Tom Koracick, but there was no celebration to be had in his return. He informed Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) that her tumor had grown, and he urged her to tell son Jackson and husband Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and begin treatment. However, she said it’s her cancer, her choice, and she wants to live out the remaining years of her life outside of an oncology ward. To that end, she's keeping the news a secret, so her family won't try to convince her otherwise.

I’m sorry, but are we just supposed to return to Seattle, knowing that Catherine is dying and Jackson’s in Boston none the wiser? Doesn’t this mean Jesse Williams almost HAS to make more appearances? (And if so, please bring April.)

Addison May Take Her Talents On The Road

Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) may have found a new calling, after a patient that she and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) were transporting over state lines for a medical procedure died en route. When Addison said she needed to be able to travel to where she's needed, Bailey remembered Station 19's PRT (basically an OR on wheels) that the firefighters were no longer able to use. The world-renowned OB/GYN looked to be headed to southern Illinois, an area within driving distance of multiple states that had banned abortion.

The big takeaway from “When I Get to the Border” may have been that Meredith is moving to Boston, but the episode also showed that big things will continue to happen, even once Ellen Pompeo steps away. Tune in next Thursday, November 10, for Grey’s Anatomys fall finale crossover event with Station 19. The action starts at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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