How Station 19’s Travis Is Going To Change After His Big Backstory Reveal

Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery on Station 19.

Warning: Spoilers for Station 19 Season 4, Episode 9 “No One Is Alone.”

Last Thursday’s emotional episode of Station 19 took viewers on a roller coaster. Viewers saw flashbacks of Travis and late husband Michael, which tracked their relationship from its early days until after Michael's death. And in the present, roommates Travis and Vic experienced the biggest fight they’ve ever faced. Now, Jay Hayden, who plays Travis on the show, has revealed what audiences can expect from the firefighter moving forward.

After Travis found out Vic was seeing Theo Ruiz, the firefighter captain who got Michael killed, the relationship between the besties and roommates came to a head. Viewers got to see Travis and Michael build their relationship over the years, with the two of them attending the Academy, dating, proposing to each other, only for their relationship to end tragically -- with Ruiz right in the middle. Jay Hayden told TV Guide that viewers will get to see a new Travis and that he will be dealing with his lingering feelings for Emmett. Hayden said:

His general outlook on life has changed. He's kind of grown as a human being and with that growth, he now has the willingness to change and be a little more open to things that he was closed to in the past. I think you're going to see a whole new Travis, maybe. I mean, don't worry. He's still going to be grouchy all the time, but I think maybe more open. You heard Vic say, ‘You still have a crush on Emmett.’ Vic is his best friend. She knows him, usually better than he knows himself, so we'll probably see him deal with that.

The episode showed how traumatic Michael’s death was not only for Travis but Ruiz as well and how his decision has been haunting him all this time. Travis’ breakdown to Vic and his anger towards her and Ruiz show a side we honestly haven't seen as much. With this, Jay Hayden teases that the story isn’t quite wrapped up, and it sounds like there's still a lot to be mended between Travis and Ruiz:

What I love about [this] episode is that we don't wrap everything up. There was an extremely traumatic experience that those two guys went through together. That cannot mend itself through one meeting or one impactful episode. I think it's going to take a little while and I don't know when or where they'll meet up again, but I really think those upcoming scenes, whenever they happen, are going to be really great because it's the mending. It's a little deeper than when you scratch your knee, so it's a different kind of healing process. Will they be friends or foes? I guess we'll see as we continue along the season.

Fans will likely be waiting anxiously to learn how Travis chooses to move forward, as well as how he handles his relationships with Vic and Ruiz. Learning his backstory and understanding everything about him and his relationship with Michael was heartbreaking and, with these new circumstances, one can only imagine how difficult things are going to be for Travis in the near future.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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