Station 19 Gained A Firefighter While Losing Another One In Season 5 Finale

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for Station 19’s Season 5 finale, “Crawl Out Through the Fallout.”

A lot happened at the fire station as Station 19 wrapped up its fifth season, and that included some staffing changes. The crew held a party to celebrate Pru’s adoption, Travis made a decision about how to stop Dixon, and Carina took on the immigration office in hopes of getting a green card. In the season’s final moments, Maya threatened to expose fire chief Natasha if she didn’t get her job back, and one firefighter made a surprising exit. Let’s unpack the season finale, “Crawl Out Through the Fallout.”

Andy’s Charges Were Dropped, And She Is Coming Back To Station 19

Andy combed Jeremy’s social media and was able to track down another of her attacker’s victims. It took some convincing, but the other woman came forward, and along with other calls the police had received about Jeremy’s past offenses, that was enough to make them drop Andy’s charges. After checking with Robert that he’d be able to work with his ex-wife, Natasha offered Andy the empty lieutenant position at the station. Wait, empty position? Did someone leave?

Jack Unexpectedly Resigned From The Fire House

In the episode’s final moments, Andy found that Jack had emptied out his locker, leaving her a note that said, “You’re welcome.” She tried to run after him, but he was already peeling out of the parking lot. Jack was obviously still reeling from finding out he was the only one of his biological parents’ five children who got put up for adoption, and he even snapped at Carina and Maya that he didn’t need a “pity family.” Is Jack gone for good? Does he really not want to be involved with the potential Marina baby? Where is he going?

Carina Got Her Green Card

Carina was wracked with nerves ahead of her immigration interview, and despite some ridiculous questions and Maya’s frustration with the process causing a spat right there in the interview, she was granted her green card. Marina forever! Maya was on such a roll that she marched into Natasha’s office and said she knew Natasha and Robert were sleeping together, threatening to report them. I don’t see Natasha as one to be bullied into a decision, so that should be interesting when Season 6 comes around.

Travis Is Running For Mayor

Mayoral candidate Dixon pulled another stunt, trying to press charges against the civilian who had risked his life to save a bus full of schoolchildren, and Travis had had enough. He announced that he is running for mayor as an independent, in hopes of pulling enough votes away from Dixon to keep him from getting elected. Natasha said she would give her personal endorsement to counteract Dixon having the support of the Seattle Police Department.

It was an eventful episode, setting up a ton of starting points for when Station 19 returns to ABC this fall for Season 6. The firefighter drama wrapped its season a week before the flagship series Grey’s Anatomy, which will take both hours next Thursday for its Season 18 finale. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what new and returning shows are premiering soon.

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