Josh Duggar Is Reportedly Back In Solitary Confinement, And A Phone Is Involved

Josh Duggar before his child pornography arrest.
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Over two years after being arrested on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography, Josh Duggar remains in jail. The former reality TV star is serving roughly a 12-and-a-half-year sentence at the Federal Correctional Institute Seagoville in Texas. Since he was transferred to the federal prison back in 2022, much has been said about his tenure there and his prior stint at a detention facility. Among the information we know is the fact that Duggar has been in solitary confinement before. While that hasn’t been the case as of late, he’s apparently been put back there, and a cell phone is the reason for it.

It’s been reported that Josh Duggar was recently in possession of a cell phone during his stint at the facility. Once the device was discovered Duggar was transferred to the Special Housing Unit at FCI, per The Sun. According to sources, these solitary confinement quarters are known for being “bad,” so much so that officials from the regional office paid a visit to check things out. It’s currently unclear as to just how long the 34-year-old convict will remain in the SHU. However, an alleged family member of an inmate claims that the process of making those determinations is flawed: 

They've been keeping prisoners in the SHU indefinitely, not letting them have DHO hearings, which let them know when they're getting out.

The 19 Kids and Counting alum previously stayed in solitary confinement when he was still at Arkansas’ Washington County Detention Center in 2021. He spent months in those quarters, even remaining there during the Christmas holiday that year. (The TLC alum did, however, receive the same holiday meal as his fellow inmates.) The eldest Duggar sibling remained there until his sentencing hearing, as all convicted sex offenders separated, “for their own safety,” from the rest of the facility’s residents. 

Josh Duggar’s legal team has been working to appeal his case and, in the course of doing so, they experienced a few delays. The brief was finally filed in December 2022 and, back in January, it was confirmed that the appeal would be heard. A formal hearing has been scheduled for February 16 and will be held in Kansas City. 

All the while, some of the imprisoned man’s family members have spoken out on his incarceration. Young sister Jinger Duggar has been particularly vocal as of late. In her new book, she accused her brother, who’s married and has seven kids, of “living a lie,” among other things. Jinger also got candid about how Josh’s arrest was only made worse by the family’s 19 Kids and Counting fame.

Whether or not the disgraced Josh Duggar is successful in appealing his case remains to be seen. And now, this recent solitary confinement move adds another layer of uncertainty to this situation.

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