Josh Duggar Has Been Transferred To Federal Prison, But There’s Still Some Mystery Surrounding His Move

Josh Duggar mugshot child pornography charges arrest.
(Image credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images)

It’s been over a year since Josh Duggar was arrested on two counts of possessing and receiving child pornography and more than six months since the former 19 Kids and Counting star was found guilty on the charges. A lot has happened in the time since, including sentencing and more, but through it all, Duggar had been housed at a Washington County Detention Center awaiting transfer. This weekend, that transfer finally went down, but there’s still a little bit of mystery surrounding his move. 

It’s been confirmed that Josh Duggar was transferred on Friday from the aforementioned detention center to the prison in which he will service his roughly 12 and a half-year sentence, having been handed down 151 months in prison by the presiding judge. At the time, he was referred to two potential possibilities for serving that sentence: Texarkana or Seagoville. 

But while it’s been confirmed the transfer occurred, his records have not been updated at this juncture to tell us where Duggar has landed. That process could take a number of days, per Us Weekly

This is significant. The two prison systems both had pros and cons for Duggar and his infamous family. One of them actually has a program to help convicted offenders rehabilitate. That sex offender treatment program would be at the Seagoville, Texas prison. However, that prison is further away from Duggar’s family than the Texarkana prison would be, so the Texarkana prison was also listed as a potential option for consideration. 

It was initially thought Duggar might face decades in prison after being found guilty on both counts. The prosecution on the Duggar case, for example, had argued for 20 years, while the reality star’s legal team had hoped for only five years. Ultimately, the lesser of the two counts was dropped and Duggar was only sentenced based upon the more severe of the two charges. 

Family members including his wife Anna and parents Jim Bob and Michelle  have stood by his side. Michelle Duggar even wrote a letter of leniency that was read ahead of the sentencing hearing, though not every Duggar family member agreed with this decision.

Once Duggar is released from prison after serving his sentence, he will also be under a tenure of probation, and this time “decades” will be accurate. He will face 20 years of probation after he is released, will be unable to watch pornography and will be under restrictions related to electronic device usage and more. He will also only be able to spend time with his seven children while supervised by another Duggar family member or other approved individual. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated when it’s known where Josh Duggar has officially landed. Duggar’s legal team is also currently in the middle of the appeal process

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