Ken Jennings Responds After Jeopardy Hosting Gig Gets More Permanent, But His Second Comment Made Me LOL

Stability and Jeopardy! haven’t been in the same sentence for a while due to the complications in finding a new permanent host, but that perception has changed as the game show named Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as the permanent hosts for the remainder of Season 38. Bialik hasn’t responded publicly, but Jennings decided to respond to the news online. The Jeopardy! champ made some comments on his permanent gig, and of course, he couldn’t help but drop a witty joke.

Upon hearing the news, the Jeopardy! GOAT took to Twitter to express his excitement about continuing his hosting duties. Jennings’s journey to the hosting gig has been a bumpy one, to say the least. So, Ken Jennings couldn’t help but be enthused to share the honor with Mayim Bialik. To see what the Jeopardy! champ had to say about the big announcement, check out his full tweet below:

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Ken Jennings seemed so grateful to the news. Being within arm’s length of becoming Jeopardy!’s permanent host may have tinged his response. The Jeopardy! consultant followed up his first response with a second response about the show's choice of promo photos. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Ken Jennings’ response if he didn’t give fans a witty joke.

What contestant witticisms will make me do the weird chuckle pictured above? Tune in and see!

Of course, I chuckled at Ken Jennings’ reply. I knew he couldn’t resist getting off a witty remark about Jeopardy!'s photo choice. But Jennings did have a point as Mayim Bialik appeared poised and studious while he came off as a jokester. At least the Jeopardy! champ had a sense of humor about the awkward image.

But the real message was that he appeared to embrace Jeopardy! participants’ witty comments and trolling answers. Early on during his guest host run, one Jeopardy! contestant trolled Ken Jennings by calling out the answer that ended his 74-game run. Jennings wasn’t above trolling either as he called out Super Bowl champ Tom Brady’s GOAT status. Moments like these allowed the Jeopardy! GOAT to work his way into the viewers’ hearts especially with the younger demographic. That was a stark contrast from the initial backlash his guest-hosting gig received.

Making Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik permanent Jeopardy! hosts blindsided many viewers. Since Jennings and Bialik took over, the show was open about their appointment being temporary. Producers had mentioned multiple times that new guest hosts would be taking over in 2022. But the viewers’ response to both hosts required the game show to change directions. The show might’ve also been craving some stability after the Mike Richards debacle.

With Jennings welcoming the snarky remarks and witty comebacks, viewers are in for some fun times as he and Bialik fully take over in 2022. I’m here for it! I just hope the show chooses better promotional photos in the future. New episodes featuring the Jeopardy! champ and Mayim Bialik will begin airing in 2022. It’s unclear what Jeopardy!’s plans are for Season 39.

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